Twitter lies

For obvious reasons given my support for Brexit I’ve been monitoring the #Brexit hashtag, then with May’s total betrayal of Brexit I started tweeting and monitoing the hashtag #MayMustGo.
But something strange happened. Suddenly everyone seemed to be against Brexit – or at least I couldn’t see those who were for Brexit. Then the hashtag #MayMustGo changed from having a new hashtag every few seconds to having only 1-3 every hour. I didn’t believe people had stopped using the hashtag, and I was right. As I found this tweet from a climate sceptic:

And whilst they have clearly tweeted on the hashtag #MayMustGo – I simply cannot find their message on the list of tweets:
MayMustGoIt is very clear that twitter are deliberately blocking the hashtag. It therefore seems almost certain that the reason the brexit hastag is now filled with pro-EU supporters (many of them clearly paid lobbyists) is because they’ve blocked brexit supporters from that hashtag.

Twitter are clearly taking money to push a particular political position.

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2 Responses to Twitter lies

  1. A C Osborn says:

    Just as both Twitter and Facebook are doing to the Republicans and their websites in the USA.
    This is a version of censorship, fake news and propaganda all rolled in to one.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      In the past, the media could effectively smear and end the career of any politician who dared to stand up to them (like Trump). As a result they got a lot of like minded or compliant politicians and parties and together they colluded to deny the people democracy. Then along came social media, and because anyone smeared by the media could now speak directly to the public, we got to heard the truth – something the media, and their lacky politicians hated.
      So, they will use any excuse possible to destroy and limit social media and try to restore the old system where we had no choice but to get our news from the likes of the brain-washing BBC. However, it will never work. Instead, if channels like twitter get corrupted, people will just move onto other channels which are less easy to corrupt. Indeed, all the politicians will do, as they continue to try to repress freedom of communication is to encourage the fragmentation and sectarianisation of society as people are forced to form their own cliques away from the Once mainstream media, and each impossible for the media to regulate – or even to know what is being said.

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