Climate fraudsters

We all knew that the climate fraudsters were tampering with the data from individual stations. That has been well documented, and it was clear that what we could see was just the tip of the ice-berg.
However, despite the eco-nutters tampering with individual stations and those at NASA “retiring” any that inconveniently weren’t warming as they wanted, they still could not turn the cooling into warming and so they couldn’t help confirming what has been euphemistically called the “pause” in global warming (a term I started using on Wikipedia as the least likely to be immediately deleted – by what turned out to be almost certainly the same eco-zealots fabricating the data in the first place).
The problem was that there just wasn’t enough warming stations left as they systematically removed any that had cooled. So, eventually they hit on the scam of taking the sea buoy temperatures – not as actual temperatures, but as a fractional change in temperature so small as to be noise, which they then massively scaled up and then adding into the actual global temperature to produce the biggest load of codswallop.
Put simple, the “global temperatures” from the likes of NASA no longer tell us anything about global temperature. So, for the last few years, the bench mark for global temperatures as been the temperature from the satellites. Not only because it is so obvious when someone tampers with it, but mostly because it is technically superior.
To put it very simply: it measures the temperature over a region of the earth, and that is a direct averaging, which is independent of height (so very little problem if the height changes – contrary to the non-science we keep getting from the climate cretins).
But, I knew it would be just a matter of time before they found a way to tamper with the satellite temperature, and today that confirmation came. Compare the RSS (one of the satellite metrics) on the following two graphs:

The End of the World?

Fortunately not. We still have UAH which remains a credible source, but they will now be under incredible pressure to start showing warming. And it will be increasingly difficult to explain to those who have not been following the climate frauds why out of all the made up data, there is one and only one metric which remains credible (which just happens to show no warming).
So, you might think I’d be down in the dumps about this latest “success” for the forces of anti-science. But I’m not.
Because, just as I’m sick to the back teeth of climate data which no longer in any sense reflects what is happening to actual global temperatures, so all other decent researches will have the same loathing for the politically meddling and dishonesty which now infests almost all temperature metrics.
And that is what will eventually bring this scam crashing down: the fact that it is impossible to compare the temperature data in a paper a few years ago with the same temperature data now.  By now it will be a running joke in the subject that the data can’t be trusted. Of course many will try to spin it positively “yet another one over on the sceptics”. But there are always some people trying to do serious science even in a mickey mouse subject like this. And can you imagine trying to use data where you can’t compare work even a few years old because the basic key temperature data IN THE PAST keeps changing.
Imagine writing a paper: “in 2005 we showed a correlation of X1, but when we published in 2007 but THE SAME CORRELATION had to be changed to X2,  however, in the later research in 2013, the SAME CORRELATION is X3, and today when comparing SAME “data” a figure of X4 must be used. Of course, they can’t write the truth and will try to hide it. But they will treat it as a joke, in turn their colleagues will treat it as a joke, and all the academics will be treating the subject as a joke.
And when you get this kind of culture developing in a subject – soon people start making up data that doesn’t need to be made up. They assert things that cannot be asserted because they just cannot be bothered to do the work to process the data (which keeps changing anyway). And when they discoverer that no one cares whether the data is made up … they will just keep doing it. That kind of culture is ruinous to a subject, it saps moral, it puts off decent people from joining and any decent people will want out.
And that is when a subject is destroyed … not when external people think it is worthless … but when those in the subject know it is a joke.

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  1. Patrick Healy says:

    Great article Mike.
    As a student of (Irish) history I am well aware that history tends to be written by the ‘winning’ side. Witness the lack of knowledge of the genocide of Mr Cromwell and his henchmen.
    That aside, this greatest scientific fraud in history is destined to go the same way, as the media and spineless governments eat at the global warming trough.
    If it were not for fearless people like yourself, this would never be recorded.
    Hopefully the written word will survive.
    A happy and prosperous Hogmany to you and yours.

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