#M80: Scottish Government get apology in early: SORRY! SOMETHING WENT WRONG

I spotted that there were problems on the M80 on twitter – a road that goes from us to Glasgow, so I immediately started looking into it. Eventually, as things quietened down I remembered the Scottish government have this site called “Traffic Scotland”. It is undoubtedly one of the worst sites I’ve ever used. I have literally spent half an hour as a passenger on the road trying to find my way through their appalling website to get the one bit of information I need about the holdup – only to find the very obvious “there is a holdup”.
But eventually I remembered there was a site, and whilst it’s always out of date, invariably warning of wintry conditions (even at 12C) and so is useless for warnings, I went to take a look.
And what did I find when I tried to load the map:

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