Massive Volcanic eruptions with clouds of sulphur gas caused runaway heating that ended ice-age claims Independent Scientist.


A Scottish independent scientist & blogger from Glasgow has found evidence that a massive increase in volcanic activity at the end of the ice-age triggered runaway global warming turning the earth from a frozen wasteland in the flourishing interglacial landscape we see today.

This volcanic activity he claims was caused by a runaway chain of events. First, a small change in earth’s orbit caused warming of the earth’s surface and crust. The crust then expanded forcing huge volumes of carbon containing rock to be forced down into the hot magma beneath the earth. The super heated rock then decomposed releasing enormous volumes of gases including sulphur and the potent greenhouse gases of CO2 and H2O. When these entered the atmosphere they caused the planet to warm further, creating a vicious cycle of more expansion causing more rock to be thrust down into the crust and more greenhouse gases to be released.

Unlike forecasts from Government scientists which predict a few degrees change over the next century, this vicious cycle of warming resulted in up to 8C change. But far from being a disaster, this warming melted the glaciers and turned the the icy frozen surface of the earth into the green oasis today.

“This is a major step forward in our understanding of the way our planet works”, said Mike Haseler known as “Scottish Sceptic” on his blog. It will change the way we think both on the way tectonic plates move causing earth quakes and volcanoes, but also on climate change.

However, Mike is a sceptic on the human causation of recent warming, which he claims to be too small to distinguish amongst the normal natural variation. But the CO2 greenhouse effect is key to his theory. So how does Mike square this? “Yes! CO2 did help cause runaway warming when we came out of the ice-age”, said Mike, “but if there had been nothing to stop that runaway warming we’d have just kept getting warmer and warmer until the earth literally fried. The fact that did not happen and we live in a green and pleasant land today, is proof that something stopped that warming in its tracks. That something was likely something as simple as clouds. Anyone looking out of a hot summer day has seen clouds forming in the afternoon as warm hot air rising. Those clouds block out the sun and it’s warmth. A similar effect across the whole planet must stop runaway warming.”

When asked whether we might now be in danger of something similar today, Mike was reassuring. “No, there’s no chance of it happening right now. The rapid warming only follows a long period of cooling such as the 10s of thousands of years of ice-age. During this period, the earth’s crust cools and contracts and the crustal plates pull away from each in the middle of the oceans where cracks form. These cracks are filled by magma oozing up from under the crust. This continues until the solar orbit triggers a new phase of warming. But then, when the crust heats up and expands, it cannot move back because of the new crust. So each ice-age the crust creeps forward bit by bit. The result of all the ice-ages is for the crust to creep forward a bit each time, moving a bit like some caterpillars. That’s why I have nicknamed it the “Caterpillar effect”.


  • Polar Ice-cores show around an 8C warming between the ice-age and warm interglacial periods such as the present time
  • An 8C warming, will cause a couple of km of expansion along the 40,000km circumference of the earth
  • It takes around 15,000 years for changes at the surface to penetrate a km down. For comparison, the annual change of temperature penetrates a few meters into the ground.
  • There is evidence for the modulation of mid-oceanic crust formation in Maya Tolstoy (2015)
  • There is evidence for a massive rise in volcanic activity as we enter the interglacial in Lund et al (2016)
  • For more details see: The Caterpillar Effect: Now with second confirmation it must be rock solid science


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