Prince Charles: No budding Einstein

In the back of my mind I had a recollection that “Prince” Charles was not exactly a high academic achiever. Indeed, I seem to recall there was something dodgy about his University degree.
However, given how the right Charlie just loves to pontificate about atmospheric physics, I loved this quote I found in the Daily Mail from April 2010.

Hardly a Prince of Maths!:The 1963 exercise book that reveals Charles’s struggle with the subject

the answers in this 1963 mathematics book suggest that while this schoolboy may have been conscientious, he was no budding Einstein.

And here I must add, that in theory the monarch is still elected. That is to say, before William the Bastard seized the thrown, the monarch was elected by the people. And that right has been exercised continuously till this present day. WHAT? you may well ask!
What happened is that the coronation was manipulated so that instead of an actual election by the people, a small group of the “people” (namely the choristers of Westminster School) were instructed to sing in Latin a phrase which voices their and (as no one else knows there’s an election happening at that point) everyone else’s support.
More importantly, no Monarch has the power to bind the people’s choice of their succession. And as parliament acts under the monarch’s power, it too is limited and cannot bind the people to who they choose as successor.
So constitutionally, if enough of us plebs, realised we had the right to elect the next monarch and we all shouted “no” to The right Charlie, he’d not be monarch.
(And no, it does not mean we have the right to have regular elections!)

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