It's us, not the US who have the hate filled broadcaster.

When I was younger and still under the influence of the BBC, I used to occasionally see US non-mainstream presenters and their hate filled bile (I presume as part of BBC broadcasting in the vein of “look how lucky you are to have the BBC”.
Then this morning, listening to the BBC on Trump and Brexit, I realised I was listening to the same hate filled bile oozing from them. Obviously the language is toned down, but its the same sentiment of disdain, disparaging Brexit and Trump for not agreeing with the BBC political party orthodoxy.
The difference of course, is that in the US, they have a choice of who to watch and listen to, but in the UK, the massive public subsidy kills off any commercial competition to the BBC. So they (and the clone like politics in public subsided Channel 4) have a virtual monopoly on “intellectual” programming. Indeed, “intellectuals”, meaning a few politicians and academics have a channel devoted to brainwashing them: Radio 4. The result is that our “elite” (as they see themselves) are so completely brain-washed by the BBC hate filled bile, that they just inherently adopt the attitudes of the BBC and cannot fathom why anyone could complain when they parrot the brainwashed propaganda.
The more I don’t listen to the BBC or watch its programming, the more I realise the few times I listen, that the self-destructive political movement that has constantly attacked anyone proud to be British and demanded that we live in a “post-industrial” society (which is about as insane as saying a “post-medicine society” or a “post-university society”) … these “cancerous” self-destructive fads all seem to come from the BBC.
Britain is already a Big Brother state – and that big brother is the BBC. And it has been like this for a long time. What has changed now, is not the BBC – but the fact that millions of us can now see the world outside Britain through the internet. We can talk to our peers in other countries, and so when the BBC describes the wall as Trump’s “pet project”, we know that 10s of millions of US citizens only voted for Trump because he would tackle immigration.
In no sense can it be described as Trump’s pet project. If anything, it is the demands of the people that Trump (himself a member of the “elite”) has had the sense to take on board. And I know that, because I know ordinary Americans want something done, and I learnt that through what I hear on the internet. So, I know the BBC are totally lying about the lack of support for the wall, and instead they are intentionally trying to belittle the project and Trump. And that was but one instance – indeed, the only reason I’m listening to the BBC at the moment, is that they so hate Trump and Brexit, that it’s amusing to watch their antics as they try desperately to pretend more than ever that they are impartial when they clearly are not.
Because of the internet, and the fact I hear the views of the world from the barking dogs themselves and not third hand through the BBC, I know we are getting hate-filled propaganda lies constantly beamed to us through the BBC. And now I realise, it is  not the US, who have the hate filled broadcasters …  broadcasting to a few who deign to listen, but instead we have the hate filled BBC forcibly fed to almost the entire population of the UK.
And if it were not for the internet, I’d never have known it – I’d be another BBC attack clone.

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