Prediction: Strong La Nina

As many will already know, the predicted El Nino has come and gone and far from seeing a “step up” in global temperatures as the idiots predicted, as I predicted we have seen a faster than expected drop in El Nino conditions.
Now, I am predicting a stronger than normal La Nina.
As far as I am aware, for most people the effects of a La Nina are far less problematic than El Nino, so quite rightly there will be little concern if we get strong La Nina conditions. It will of course annoy the hell out of the idiots who pushing global warming propaganda, but almost all science and all factual evidence annoys them.
What would be expected is that global temperatures will see a strong decline over the next 5-10 years (that is to say, in the short term the decline should be strong enough to dominate over other natural variations and produce a significant downward trend). Then at some point we’ll see the development of more El Nino conditions and predictions then become problematic – that is to say, I need to know more about the way the climate functions to predict further out.
Paradoxically, whilst (I anticipate) global temperature will be in its least exciting phase, I would suggest we will learn more in the next 10-20 years about the way our climate works than all the “knowledge” presented in all the IPCC reports (which is not a lot – because they leave out all the science to present pure propaganda).
But who am I kidding? Climate academics are amongst the biggest idiots on the planet. So all I can really say is that I expect to learn far more about climate in the next 10-20 years than I have ever learnt from any IPCC report.

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