If you have any doubts about leaving the EU – watch this!

After what is a weak start it becomes one of the most remarkable videos I’ve seen on the EU. I’ve no idea who he is but I keep thinking he’s one of the Monty Python team he’s that good.

Also well worth watching (and you’ll not see this on the BBC)
Brexit the Movie

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8 Responses to If you have any doubts about leaving the EU – watch this!

  1. Surely you must have come across Pat Condell before!!!!!

  2. wolsten says:

    Brilliant – shall be sharing wildly. I hadn’t come across him before but then again the internet is a big place.

  3. The guy’s a fruitcake.

    • The Editor says:

      However beware of falling for the “Fruitcake” ad hominem.
      which was advanced by K.C. above. This is not a proper
      argument. It may be that Condell’s style of irreverent
      comedy is not to your taste, but it does not mean that his
      views on the EU are not accurate in reality, and he is not
      making a big joke of that, is he? People who may have a
      valid argument as to whether Condell is right or not should
      make that argument in a logical and rational manner, and
      K.C. s pronouncement that Condell is a “fruitcake” does
      not add any relevant information to the debate.

  4. The Editor says:

    I should like to add a couple of relevant videos and a relevant book. Readers should be aware that European geopolitics is rarely simple, and there are continual subterfuges taking place, with long term plans, that may stretch for half a century and longer than that even.
    Peter Hitchens analysis gels with that of Dr. Paul Criag Roberts,
    who was the assistant secretary responsible for USA economics
    in the years of Ronald Reagan. As such he had top level security
    clearance and saw the info that confirms that the EU is a cointelpro
    operation intended to use Germany as a pivot to de-stabilise
    Ukraine, Poland and other States close to Russia.
    This comes back to what Harry Beckhough, and
    Brian Gerrish / Anthony Hilder have said about the
    EU being “Hitler’s Dream come true”. Hitchens does
    re-qualify this, and EU is the dream of the MENTORS
    of Hiltler come true. The US State Department and
    its alliance with Germany, and latterly Saudi-Arabia.
    The aim is to attack Russia by proxy. Britain is not
    so important to this strategy, and there is no “special”
    relationship between UK and USA. Germany has
    and will remain the puppet of US Imperialism.
    see the book mentioned by Hitchens !
    see the videos :
    Peter Hitchens – Keele World Affairs lecture
    The EU is the Continuation of Germany By Other Means
    (audio in this video is very variable in level, and
    Hitchens himself confesses to “mumbling a lot”)
    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2016 :
    Vote BREXIT – End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation
    (this “radio show” is in audio only with a still image)
    Would that things were so simple as those ignorantii like
    Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, and now Corbyn believed.
    It’s “Deja Vu, all over again !”
    est-ce pas le cas mesdames et messieurs?

    • The Editor says:

      please forgive some minor spelling errors in the above,
      it doesn’t detract from the intelligibility too much I hope.
      I blame WordPress automatic american-ized spell checker.

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