Is the El Nino over?

Earlier this year I proclaimed “this year global cooling”. As usual I was hedging my bets because that claim would be true even if only started to see significant cooling in December.
However, looking at the latest El Nino report, it does appear that on most measurements, the El Nino is definitely past the peak and on this one:
It appears the El Nino is not only past its peak but it has dropped so much that it is now almost going into reverse. However, it does suggest a lag of perhaps 5 months from peak to end. Which as many other metric also peaked in November, basically means it’s over for this show.
Taking the peak El Nino as December – the global temp peak usually lags between 0-3 (but once 6 months). So we’d expect a global temperature peak around February March.
More interesting, around 6months after the El Nino peak we tend to see substantial BELOW AVERAGE Temps. In case that isn’t obvious GLOBAL COOLING.
So, best guess is that the alarmist will start wetting their pants about June, July & August. If I didn’t know better I’d say Mother Nature was a Republican!

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