Global warming's back!!

As the following graph shows from google trends, since 2007 interest in global warming has been slowly dropping with less and less people showing any interest … that is until just recently when we’ve seen an upswing bucking the trend:


Worldwide interest in global warming (Blue) and climate change (red) 2004-present

As you can see the top global warming line (blue) has been on a steady decline until just very recently it went dramatically up. So, I started delving into this effect. First I looked at the regional trend and could not see any specific country that seemed to be a “hot spot”**. So, next I tried thinking of things like “global warming scam” to see whether I could see what aspect of global warming interest was triggering this response. It appears to have been a rise in interest particularly from the beginning of December. And this wasn’t just because the annual COP because nothing had happened like this before. Finally as I ran out of ideas I tried:

Worldwide interest in global warming (Blue) and climate change (red), Ted Cruz (orange) last 90 days

This was my first indication that something new was going on triggered by Ted Cruz. And that in return the interest in global warming was triggering interest in Ted Cruz.
And the effect is even more startling over the last 7 days:

Worldwide interest in global warming (Blue) and climate change (red), Ted Cruz (orange) last 7 days

The interest in Ted Cruz has jumped up (at the same times of day) as interest in climate change went up. Now the increase makes sense over the long period:

Worldwide interest in global warming (Blue) and climate, 2004-present

Note, the largest spike in the Ted Cruz interest (orange) occurred with a newspaper headlines “Ted Cruz US President?”.
**Note, because the US so dominates the statistics for English language google searches, a trend in specific countries will show up as a significant increase relative to the US, but a trend in the US is less easy to see as it becomes the US interest with respect to US interest (+some some global).

Ted Cruz: Implications for global warming.

Global warming is nothing but a propaganda or even psychological effect making people believe they see something in the inkblot of climate noise. Ted Cruz a real potential future US president has chosen to wed himself to an anti-global warming stance. He’s not stupid, he’s clearly very clued up on the issue. So, there’s no doubt he knows both how much hatred there is against those who are sceptical, as well as how little science there is backing the alarmists.
Until recently I was beginning to think that global warming would (like the steadily falling first part of the first graph) just fade out of public consciousness until the point where even the greens got fed up attending these cops which by then would have no public interest.
However, the implication of a highly intelligent man like Ted Cruz wanting to be elected president next year taking up on issue, is that he believes he can do what we sceptics have failed to do for so long: to win the debate, and to win it by the elections next year (Nov 2016).
Of course, scientifically, we sceptics have already won the debate. The very fact that the alarmists refuse to debate with us shows their only way to win is to shut up the real science from us sceptics. But Ted Cruz has chosen to do far more: to prove to the public at large within a very limited time scale that global warming is … I suppose a “scam” is still the best description.
Thus there is not a chance in hell that global warming is going to fade out of public consciousness in the next year before the US presidential election. My guess is that as Obama & Clinton have wedded themselves to pushing the global warming scam, the Republican party headed by Ted Cruz will now start to reveal global warming to be a scam in terms of the science scientific, in terms of the maladministration and legally.
It is clear, the republicans with Ted Cruz feel that can leave the US public in no doubt that the Democrats were wrong.
How they intend to do this – I have no idea. That they intend to do this is obvious. But however they achieve this there appears to be only one result for global warming pushers:

A massive scandal

Addendum Trump …

In Scotland we’ve had experience of Trump. He put money toward the creation of an anti wind  association. The organisation held a very successful event bringing together many people, and then it started to fall apart. Partly no doubt because of the infiltration by the pro-wind lobby who have a dirty tricks department dedicated to undermining opposition groups. But largely it was because Trump was just using the people to try to stop a wind industrial development offshore from his Golf course. And when they focussed more generally he tried to direct them toward fighting for his interest.
Trump neither cared nor understood the science. Indeed, it was pretty obvious to me that if he’d seen wind as a money making scheme, he would just as easily funded the green parties in Scotland to push wind.
So, when Trump attacks global warming – he is not doing so because he understands the science, nor because he believes that good science is for the good of humanity. It is because Trump thinks that attacking global warming is good for Trump.

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