What Clowns! When Next Year is Global Cooling

International Panel of Climate Clowns present their latest report.

International Panel of Climate Clowns present their latest report.

Well, we’ve done it. The world leaders may have been delusional, they may claim it as something historic (which it is but for the wrong reasons). But fortunately it seems that for all the rhetoric the “agreement” is nothing but empty promises and hot air as it has been at every International conference of the clowns since Climategate.
The laughable thing is that now the evidence against this scam was so completely overwhelming.

  • The best measurement of global temperature come from the satellites – because they are corroborated by meteorological balloon data.
  • The best measurements from satellites show no warming for 18 years.
  • The worst indication is the surface data – because it is not global with vast areas of Africa and S.America not being measured at all as well as much of the ocean, because the data is heavily corrupted by urban heating and because it is beset with fraudulent adjustments to the extent that all the warming from 1940 can be attributed to these adjustments alone.
  • And despite the massive adjustments, not one single dataset predicted to warm by at least 1.4C to 2100 has warmed at even that lowest predicted rate since the IPCC made that prediction in 2001.
  • CO2 is a plant food and is good for the planet. Without CO2, there would be no plants, no animals and no humans (this is the utopia the greens really want – no living thing and especially humans to spoil the earth).
  • Rising CO2 is leading to record harvests – this is a bad thing for the UN – because the UN makes its money by “helping the poor farmers” (then money is syphoned off by the UN and corrupt local officials). And if the public knew that the world’s farmers were being helped by them by producing CO2 and that the UN are useless, who would give money to the UN to supposedly help the poor?
  • Extreme weather is not increasing – indeed, the only real trend is that hurricane activity is decreasing. But again, if the world knew this – how would all those who make their money from telling everyone else they can prevent them, continue to justify their jobs?
  • Floods are not increasing, droughts are not increasing – but again those who make their money from these droughts by urgent “appeals” twanging heart strings by implying its the public’s fault, need the public to feel guilty, otherwise how would they line their pockets? And when floods, droughts, or anything else happens, as they always will, if we didn’t believe they were our fault, how would these evil “disaster chasing” people syphon off the money?
  • Polar bears are doing fine – but again, evil people who make their money flying and driving fossil fuelled vehicles in the the snowy wastes to “prove” they are not doing well and penalise those living there who have to live with the ever increasing numbers of polar bears, don’t want the public to know that polar bears are doing fine. They don’t want the public to know that there is no need for the people who waste so much fossil fuel on these public paid all expenses holidays to the poles supposedly to count polar bears.
  • Antarctic ice is growing, global sea ice is normal, Greenland surface ice has grown since 1990 – and again, those who make their money by wasting huge amounts of fossil fuel travelling to these places to monitoring the “melting ice”, have no incentive at all to let the public know that they are not needed.

In short, the scam is fuelled by people who make their money selling “climate scare porn” and have no reason at all to let the public know that the scam has already been disproven by the climatic data. But due to those like Ted Cruz, the facts are already out there. As such world leaders have knowingly chosen to ignore the facts, to believe those with their snouts in the trough of public money on this scam and once more they jump on the bandwagon of this climate scare porn, to get a few green votes in the hope the public don’t notice how much this scam is costing.

But Next year global cooling

So, isn’t it ironic, that we are already seeing the signs that the current El Nino has peaked. As you will know, this was a supposed to be a strong El Nino, and a strong El Nino was hoped to massively warm the global temperature. But when this did not happen, they just added more warming anyway to “prove” it was the hottest year evahhhh.
But despite their fraudulent claims, the temperatures of the most reliable data from satellites hardly registered any increase.
What this strongly suggests, is that we are already in a cooling phase – and have been for perhaps as much as five years. All the strong warming from the El Nino did – was to nicely continue the pause by adding a short term warming trend to a global temperature appears to have already started cooling. If this is right, then it also means that as the “strong” El Nino fades, we will start to see not only the longer term underlying cooling trend, but also the short term cooling as we come out of El Nino and the result may be a period of very significant cooling for a year or perhaps two. After which natural variation again kicks in so we’re back to unpredictable ups and downs, but the most likely trend for the next 20 years is cooling.

The Conference of Clowns

So, it is my belief that Paris will go down as a denial of reality by world leaders. It will probably be written up in the history books like the emperor’s as a lesson in vanity and belief over evidence – of dogma over data.
And worse, to have proclaimed that climate was more important than terrorism, to have wasted perhaps a billion pounds on an idiotic denial of reality conference when the stark reality of terrorism was staring all those in Paris in the face, will I hope mean that many of those present will be turfed out of government soon.

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