Is this a new Climategate?

  • Back in 2009, academics are UES broke criminal law by refusing legitimate FOI requests.
  • Now in 2015, NOAA climate extremists are breaking US law by refusing legitimate congressional requests.

The similarity is striking, but so also the difference. Back in 2009, it was a few climate “nerds” like me creating petitions and trying to stoke up interest. Now, it is highly professional politicians, with crushing scientific evidence of 18 years without warming, in a run up to a US election, who have have the bit between their teeth.
I remember Climategate – and I remember thinking it was all over even before it had really started. And then it just took off! And so I’ve not lightly dismissed the various other scams as they came along – but none got traction with the public – mainly because it was still only a few nerds pushing it.
But something is really different this time. This time the forums are filled to the brim, not only with those like me who understand the issue, but an even greater number who appear to be only just coming to grips with the shear scale and audacity of this scam. The Republicans have introduced a whole new audience to this scam.
Also, this “Gate” is very different in nature from what we sceptics have been used to, because it is no longer an issue on its own. Instead it is now tied up in a raft of actions including the notorious wiping of emails by Hilary Clinton, and the rule by executive decree by the US EPA (environmental agency), which the Republicans are skilfully putting together. So, at best this “NOAA-gate” as I’m sure someone will call it, is just another issue in their armoury. If the Republicans can run with it (which now looks certain with the NOAA refusal which plays straight into their hands), then they will use it. If however, it doesn’t look like it’s spilling the dirt – it’ll get sidelined as they focus elsewhere.
But more than likely this NOAA-gate will be more like an orchestra – at times the republicans will ask the string to play – but before they audience gets fed up – they’ll bring about a new melody on the woodwind – Then change the tune with some drums – before going back to the wind (scam).
For those in the US, it will sound like one harmonious onslaught on Obama changing smoothly from subject to subject to create hell for the Democrats across a raft of areas. But for us outside the US with a focus on climate, it will seem as if climate suddenly becomes important – then even before it reaches a conclusion – to our amazement, it will disappear from the news.
But like all music – they real climate will come at the end, and unless I’m very mistaken 🙂 there will be a climax.

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