If Global had been the World's biggest problem – why hide documents?

One thing I could never understand from the #ClimateExtremists, was how they could say “it’s the world’s greatest problem” in one breath and in the next “we can’t release that because we can’t get permission”.
Surely, if it really were the world’s greatest problem, then a simple problem like obtaining permission to release data or documents would be almost insignificant and not at all something that could be allowed to stop the #ClimateExtremists convincing the public by releasing the data.
It’s a bit like a disaster movie – the boat is sinking, the passengers are running to the lifeboats, and then they are handed a form to fill out before getting on the life-boat. It’s either an emergency – in which case all the normal protocols go by the way, or it’s just another boat trip in which case, yes there might be forms to fill in.
And now by the most recent behaviour of NOAA, we see that “global warming” is so unimportant that they will fight tooth and nail to stop publishing something they say proves their case … as if anyone believes the fraudsters any longer!
But come on! When sceptics ask for evidence … we get told it’s the world’s greatest problem and we should be so petty as to need evidence. But when it comes to manufacturing petty bureaucracy to obfuscate due oversight, nothing is too small an issue to put a break on due oversight.

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