Who runs the US? NOAA versus science, democracy & the US congress

You’ve got to hand it these guys at NOAA – they don’t do arrogance in a small way.
What was once a question of science and asking NOAA to justify their methods that create warming out of nothing, just got a whole lot bigger as they challenged the right of congressional oversight of US democracy.
There’s no doubt whatsoever that those producing data for what was billed as “the world’s greatest problem” costing more than any other issue, must have their work scrutinised. There’s no doubt the US congress has a right and duty to perform that scrutiny. And now … there’s no doubt whatsoever that the temperature data has been fraudulently produced for political and personal gain – for what other reason can there possibly be to deny due oversight by those legitimately charged with that oversight?
But how stupid can they get? If they had nothing to hide, why not just hand over the emails as requested and bluff it out as usual? Clearly they cannot do that!
And now, this is no longer a matter of science, it’s not even about the climate, instead it goes to the heart of democracy. Who runs the US? Is it self-appointing public servants who are forcing their own “law” through illegitimate and unconstitutional decrees and denying oversight. Or is it the politicians elected to run the country?

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