Campaign to save the Climate Alarmist

Don't future generations deserve to see more than stuffed climate alarmists like this dodo?

We must preserve climate alarmists! Otherwise future generations will only see stuffed specimens like this dodo.

There are some species such as the Passenger Pigeon or the American Buffalo that are so numerous that no thinks they could disappear and not until too late does anyone think to protect them.
Back around 2007 when I first became a sceptic, you could go onto almost any forum in the world and be guaranteed to be the only sceptic or exceptionally, one of a small minority.
But these days even UK Guardian is so full to the brim of sceptics that it’s hard to be heard. I did find one of these isolated habitats where alarmists still thrive but I forgot to bookmark it and I’m now regretting that. These sites are now like gold-dust, secret reserves known to only a few sceptics jealously guarding their own clutch of alarmists.
Of course, such habitats are themselves in decline. They only exist because they are run by extreme alarmists who largely exclude sceptics. And they have a point – alarmists face extinction and perhaps we should start trying to preserve a few so that future generations can see what they are like. In the same way the Dodo seems an odd bird to us today from the few stuffed specimens, if all our children have to see are stuffed alarmists won’t they also get a very odd view of them?
Don’t we need to keep them alive so that our children can see them for what they are? So shouldn’t we turn the last few places into “alarmist reserves”. Wikipedia is one, TheSmugBlog is another, Real … the one that’s not SteveGoddard what’s their name? and “AndThere’sSomeoneWhoShouldKnowBetterButHasAClosedMind”, is another.
And it really is getting serious, because there’s a big problem in the alarmist community and it’s – interbreeding. There just aren’t the numbers to keep the online alarmist alive. And it’s worse than we think, because the same people appear on TheSmugBlog, real ?? & Wikipedia – that has got to lead to all kinds of mutations . Whether it’s this interbreeding or stress there’s increasing signs of mental instability as they are now doing irrational things, this is a species on the brink of extinction. Please! How do we preserve them? Do we need to find other alarmist species and try to get them to crossbreed?
Perhaps we could try to interbreed MMR vaccine alarmists and climate alarmists? Are there any Millennium bug alarmists left alive? What about swine flue alarmists and Ozone alarmists. Like Climate alarmists, they have all “popped their clogs” or are almost extinct.
Perhaps we sceptics need to introduce a rationing system. There is now far too many of us on these blogs. And as one of the early sceptics I feel I have a right to have my fair share of alarmists at least some of the time.  But with the species on the decline we can’t all have our fair share and some days there’s so few alarmist articles that there’s none to be found at all outside the few alarmist sanctuaries where hunting is forbidden.
So, I propose that we introduce a worldwide rationing scheme splitting it thus:

  1. N.America
  2. S. America
  3. Europe
  4. Africa/Australasia
  5. England/Wales/Ireland
  6. Scotland

(I might have favoured Scotland slightly – but it’s my idea!)
This would allow us to ration out the few remaining alarmists and give us all an opportunity to have a decent barney with them.

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