Lima: the straw that breaks the Green's back?

Back in 2012 when the Kyoto Commitment came to an end, I thought the greens would take a few months to realise what had happened, wake up, smell reality, and know that world governments are just stringing them along.
Two years later, their gullibility has surpassed all expectations. So when Obama came to a “deal” with China it was yet again heralded as some great step forward. But don’t they realise that both parties knew it would never be ratified by the Republican senate and congress and therefore both parties were just engaging in paper thin shallow posture politics.
Clearly there has never been a time when “green” so clearly meant completely gullible.
Now the worldwide carbon-feast-fly-to-some-tropical-destination-to-meet-your-green-buddies-at-taxpayer-expense of Lima is being openly discussed as a failure even before it started. Will this be the straw that breaks the green’s back? Will they finally call a con a con?


It appears, you can fool some people some of the time, but you can fool a green zealot all the time.
They just don’t understand how much they are being conned. The same politicians keep dangling the “just one more climate talks” at them each year and each year they were dutifully fly off to yet another carbon-feast-fly-to-some-tropical-destination-to-meet-your-green-buddies-at-taxpayer-expense to return with the same crocodile tear hand-wringing non-science about how “world governments really must do something”, before they all pick up their public-funded pay cheques, drive home to their carbon feast homes, turn on the same damned TV as the rest of us, read up on next years public-funded holiday to the next carbon-feast-fly-to-some-tropical-destination-to-meet-your-green-buddies-at-taxpayer-expense and then go online to pontificate to everyone else about how everyone else should do something to save the world.

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