Even the delusionists think the IPCC report was ignored.

After my last posts on the IPCC report:

Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool

IPCC report goes down like a Lead balloon

… comes just the independent corroboration I need from no other than one of the chief delusionists:

Climate [pause] Denial Crock of the Week

He’s not a happy bunny. It seems that he too has noticed the media no longer go along with their delusion:

The incredible contrast between the release of actual scientific warnings about climate, that MUST be heard and heeded to avoid catastrophe, and the media’s complete lack of attention – at this stage of the game, 2014, is mind boggling. (Climate denial crock of the week )

While CNN and the other networks seldom invite actual climate scientists to appear on the air, they seem to love the deniers. (Climate denial crock of the week )

And he’s not alone. There’s a whole nest full of disappointed delusionists:

“None of the network Sunday shows mentioned this latest report or its stark findings.” (Climate Progress)

an incredible lack of respect and regard for scores of intelligent, hard-working climate scientists, some of whom are politically conservative, who have dedicated their careers to objectively examining data and publishing research that indicate human-induced warming. (Capital Weather Gang)

“None of the network Sunday shows mentioned this latest report or its stark findings”(Ari Phillips)

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