The global warming rout

From the very first headline: “There Are Now 52 Explanations For The Pause In Global Warming” (Daily Caller), it was obvious that things are not going the zealot’s way. A quick scan now shows that the biggest story in the press is now¬† “the pause” replacing the quintessential “scientists say lesser spotted goat-toad threatened by global warming”, which used to feature heavily and is now entirely absent (today).
But the biggest change is the tone. Gone is the “great scientific authorities say”. Instead the news is now a confusing mismash of messages from which the public will take the message that “warming causes more snow” that there are only 52 excuses for the pause (which some still deny is happening) and that Paul Nurse is just a zealot trying to convince the world it is warming faster than ever.
Even in papers like the Guardian which are sickening zealots, the message is coming through loud and clear that they have lost the argument and they know they have lost:
Global warming denial rears its ugly head around the world”
Even the EU, the centre of pause denialism and warmist bigotry, is now trying to take down the Warmist tower of babel before it collapses.
EU Dismantles Its Climate Commission Amid Economic Struggles

  1. No serious scientist now wants to publicly link their work to “global warming”.
  2. Even the worst zealots in the press admit that they are losing.
  3. The only block to sign up for a replacement after Kyoto expired, is now rapidly backtracking on global warming alarmism.
  4. The “pause deniers” have been routed. The global warming zealots are scattered to the four winds and the government machinery pushing alarmism faces imminent closure.

Even in Scotland, where we have had to endure what I have described as a “banana republic of global warming alarmism”, the SNP in a vane attempt to make themselves look economically credible, have ditched the alarmist talk and now tell everyone how Scotland future will be based on oil.
Strange – because just a few years ago they were telling us that we all had to stop using carbon fuels!

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2 Responses to The global warming rout

  1. Mark Stoval says:

    The above is great news and I do hope you are right that no scientist wants his name associated with “global warming” anymore. But these political battles (and this was always about politics) have a way of surprising you no matter if you are winning or losing.
    If the government minions that keep the data can “adjust” the records to make it look like the temps are going up (even a little bit) then we will see a return of the alarmists on all fronts.

    • scottishsceptic says:

      Perhaps I should elaborate. There was a time, when researchers working on any area that could vaguely be related to global warming, would tag into their discussion something like “and the decline in the lesser spotted goat toad we have observed … may be due to global warming”.
      Then the University PR department would catch on to what may have been a single sentence and focus the story on global warming. Then the papers would finish the job and print “scientists say global warming is causing …”. The classic one was “the anatomy of a jelly fish scare”. In the original the research linked it to over fishing – but mentioned global warming. But by the time the University PR and journalists had finished, over fishing was ignored and the whole story was about global warming.
      At one time I would estimate something like a third of all news stories were this kind of research press release. In other words, sexing up research by tying it to the in-vogue area of global warming.
      It is clear that has stopped, however, on reflection it’s less clear why. My assumption when writing was that global warming is not being tagged to research. However an alternative hypothesis is that newspapers don’t think “global warming scare” stories interest their readers and so are ignoring the cheap PR trying to link research to global warming.

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