Off goes the submission to Parliament

After working on this pretty solidly for a week (with many false starts), I finally produced a pdf and tried to upload it as the man had told me on the phone. Apparently not … but luckily they accept open office.
How did I know it was ready? Simple law of diminishing returns … I started getting more mistakes every time I did a spelling check rather than less.
Here is the link to the Submission to the House of Commons Climate & Energy Committee investigation into the IPCC & AR5

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4 Responses to Off goes the submission to Parliament

  1. soarergtl says:

    Excellent piece of work. Calmly worded and simple enough for a layperson to understand. Well done. I especially like the graphs on the cover page – they say much on their own.

  2. grumpydenier says:

    Agreed, simple enough for even a politician to grasp. Whether our current motley crew will comprehend the simple truths contained therein remains to be seen.
    The gravy train is still running at a speed that frightens too many to consider jumping off.
    Apart from their desperate need to destroy capitalism in any way they can.

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