Ranking of climate blogs (Dec 2013)

This is a list of the ranking of the main climate blogs based on Alexa. The sites were collected from those linked to by some of the main blogs as well as Realclimate. Please note, I have only given sites with a ranking and Alexa only give statistics for sites which have separate URLs, which means some sites are not listed. This affects several on Scienceblogs.com.
The list was correct as of 15th December. If I have missed any please feel free to add to comments.
**Slant: Where possible, I’ve used the description given with the link. However, where a description was not given, I’ve quickly looked to see. These could be wrong – if you spot any please add a comment.

Ranking Site Slant**
1 Watts Up With That? Sceptic
2 Climate Depot Sceptic
3 Harmless Sky Sceptic
4 The GWPF Sceptic
5 Judith Curry Lukewarmer
6 Jo Nova Sceptic
7 Climate Audit Sceptic
8 Stephen Goddard Sceptic
9 Skeptical Science – John Cook Warmist
10 Bishop Hill Sceptic

11 Tallbloke’s Talkshop Sceptic
12 Bishop Hill (old site) Sceptic
13 EIKE Sceptic
14 No Tricks Zone Sceptic
15 Real Climate Warmist
16 Roy Spencer Sceptic
17 DeSmogBlog Warmist
18 Celsias Warmist
19 ICECAP Sceptic
20 Paul Homewood Sceptic
21 Small Dead Animals Sceptic
22 No Frakking Consensus Sceptic
23 The Chiefio – E.M. Smith Sceptic
24 The Blackboard Lukewarmer
25 George Monbiot Warmist
26 Science Skeptical Sceptic
27 Tom Nelson Sceptic
28 The Carbon Brief Warmist
29 Warren Meyer Sceptic
30 Climate Conversation – NZ Sceptic
31 Cliff Mass Warmist
32 WoodForTrees Lukewarmer
33 William Briggs Sceptic
34 Master Resource Sceptic
35 Tamino’s Open Mind Warmist
36 Australian Climate Madness Sceptic
37 The Reference Frame Sceptic
38 Climate Ark Warmist
39 Hotwhopper Warmist
40 Dan Kahan Warmist
41 Die Kalte Sonne Sceptic
42 Met Office Warmist
43 The Hockey Schtick Sceptic
44 Bob Tisdale Sceptic
45 Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. Lukewarmer
46 Climate Scam (Swedish) Sceptic
47 Jennifer Marohasy Sceptic
48 Rational Optimist Sceptic
49 C3 Headlines Sceptic
50 Principia Scientific Sceptic
51 Yale Climate Media Forum Warmist
52 Climate Skeptic Sceptic
53 Digging in the Clay Sceptic
54 The IPCC Report Sceptic
55 Hilary Ostrov Sceptic
56 Geoff Chambers Sceptic
57 Resilient Earth Sceptic
58 CO2 Science Sceptic
59 Arctic Sea Ice Blog warmist
60 The Air Vent Sceptic
61 Climate Science Watch warmist
62 Brave New Climate Warmist
63 Numberwatch Sceptic
64 The Cosmic Tusk Sceptic
65 Warwick Hughes Sceptic
66 Cartoons By Josh Sceptic
67 Scottish Sceptic Sceptic
68 SPPI Sceptic
69 OSS Foundation Warmist
70 Mark Lynas Warmist
71 Planet 3.0 Warmist
72 Climate Science – Pielke Sr. Lukewarmer
73 Climate Communication Warmist
74 Polar Bear Science Sceptic
75 Climate Realists Sceptic
76 Climate Realists Sceptic
77 Marcel Crok – De staat van het klimaat Sceptic
78 Climate Debate Daily Lukewarmer
79 1000+ skeptical papers Sceptic
80 Fiona Fox Lukewarmer
81 Dr. Tim Ball Sceptic
82 Friends of Science Sceptic
83 Hot Topic Warmist
84 It’s Getting Hot In Here Warmist
85 Josh Halpern Warmist
86 World View of Glob.Warm. Warmist
87 Effets de Terre (FR) Warmist
88 Climate Outreach Information Network Warmist
89 Climate Change Education Warmist
90 The Daily Bayonet Sceptic
91 Die Klimazweibel Warmist
92 World Climate Report Sceptic
93 The Next Grand Minimum Sceptic
94 Ecologically Orientated Warmist
95 Shub Niggurath Sceptic
96 Lucy Skywalker Sceptic
97 Science of Doom Sceptic
98 Surfacestations Gallery Sceptic
99 Surfacestations Main Sceptic
100 Ed Hawkins lukewarmer
101 Jeff Masters’ Wunder Blog Warmist
102 Bart Verheggen Warmist
103 Clive Best Sceptic
104 ClimateSight Warmist
105 Dr. Norman Page Sceptic
106 Nigel Calder Sceptic
107 Niche Modeling – David Stockwell Sceptic
108 The Heat is Online Warmist
109 Climate Resistance Sceptic
110 Green Hell Blog Sceptic
111 Appinsys Sceptic
112 Bill Hooke warmist
113 American Elephants Sceptic
114 The Benshi Warmist
115 John Fleck Warmist
116 Global Warming Skeptics Sceptic
117 Climate Sanity Sceptic
118 RealClimateEconomics Warmist
119 James Annan lukewarmer
120 Bernie Lewin Sceptic
121 Scottish Climate & Energy Forum Sceptic
122 Harold Ambler Sceptic
123 Matt Nisbet Warmist
124 Troy Masters Sceptic
125 And then there’s physics Sceptic
126 Moshtemp – Steve Mosher Lukewarmer
127 Cntr. for Enviro. Journalism Warmist
128 Simon Donner Sceptic
129 Mike Hulme Lukewarmer
130 Klimazwiebel Sceptic
131 EcoEquity Warmist
132 Doug McNeall Warmist
133 Climate Views Sceptic
134 Scitizen Warmist
135 Dan Grossman Media Warmist
136 Robert Grumbine Warmist
137 Dosbat (Arctic) Warmist
138 Climate Change 101 Sceptic
139 Andrew Dessler Warmist
140 Surface temps Lukewarmer
141 Haunting the library Sceptic
142 Climate Progress Warmist
143 Deep Climate Warmist


  1. I had assumed Alexa was ranking using URL so that planetgore.nationalreview.com was different from nationalreview.com. This does not appear to be the case, so I do not know how Alexa decides when a site is listed separately. WordPress blogs certainly are each given their own ranking.
  2. It had not twigged that I was using an old Bishop Hill site address. For consistency (with another blog that changed) I will just give the new address as that has the higher count.
  3. After Anthony’s comment (2013/12/15 at 5:40 pm), I’ve adjusted the Blackboard to “Lukewarmer”. I will also update the spreadsheet.
  4. After Anthony’s comment (2013/12/15 at 5:43 pm I have added in hotwhopper (@37) as well as Bishop Hill’s old site (@12) and scef.org.uk(116) (Relevant spreadsheet: listofsites3
  5. After Derek’s post at 2013/12/15 at 7:10 pm I’ve added http://www.principia-scientific.org/ and http://www.globalwarmingskeptics.info/index.php spreasheet now at listofsites4
  6. After pgosselin’s comment December 15, 2013 at 7:13 pm‘s comment EIKE, Science Skeptical and Klimazwiebel added to list. Spreadsheet at listofsites5
  7. Another suggestion from pgosselin & Climate Scam is in at 46.
  8. The list of unlisted tables listed below
  9. SkepticalScience AGW->Warmist

For those who want my working spreadsheet here it is: listofsites7.xls
Others sites
These sites either aren’t listed in Alexa or they are not counted separately

Energy, Security, and Climate Sceptic
Tamsin Edwards Warmist
Climate Abyss – John Nielsen-Gammon Lukewarmer
Solar Cycle 24 Board Sceptic
Deltoid Science blogs
Grist: Climate and Energy Warmist
A Few Things Ill Considered Warmist
PrimaKlima (DE) Warmist
What on Earth Comic Strip & Blog Warmist
Stoat – Connolley Warmist
Thomas Fuller – 3000quads Lukewarmer
Planetary Vision Sceptic
The Lukewarmer’s Way – Tom Fuller Lukewarmer
Carlin Economics Sceptic
Ecotretas Sceptic
Cameron Rose Science blogs
Climate Lessons Science blogs
Gust of Hot Air Science blogs
Richard Tol Science blogs
Omniclimate Science blogs
RealClimateGate Science blogs
Atmoz Warmist
ClimateConservative.Org Warmist
Discussion of the Ethics of Climate Change Warmist
AMS Climate Policy Blog Warmist
Cosmic Variance Warmist
Horatio Algeranon Warmist
The Global Warming Debate Warmist
Pew Climate Change Warmist
Republicans for Environmental Protection Warmist
The Climate Project Warmist
A Few Things Ill Considered Warmist
Collide-a-scape – Keith Kloor Warmist
scienceofdoom Warmist
Dan Hughes
Roman M
Climate History Network
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44 Responses to Ranking of climate blogs (Dec 2013)

  1. Bob MacLean says:

    Planet Gore doesn’t post every day and has relatively few comments. By what methodolgy does Alexis rank it ahead of WUWT?

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    Have you adjusted for those sites that have alternate addys? eg I only recently changed my bookmark for Bishop Hill. Is the score for National Review or for Planet Gore? I’ve found it hard to get stats for sites that are nested withing something else. eg Think Progress is the new home of Climate Progress. I also find it hard to believe Harmless Sky has featured so high given how few posts I can see.
    However, well done for getting so high up the list. One of the features of the top sites is regularity of blogs and good discussions amongst posters.

    • What I did was to take the name and URL on several sites and to compile a list of blogs and then go to Alexis and rank them all. It was obvious that most of the top ones were just minor pages in a well known site (like the BBC). So I removed all these and searched for other ones by checking those sites not listed by the domain name, particularly where it had a url of the form: “domain.com/blogs/Anotherblogsite” and/or urls where alexis was giving the same ranking.
      As far as I could see Alexis was giving different ranks to sites with URLs such as “Anotherblogsite.domain.com”.

  3. Unfortunately I now have to go Xmas shopping. So, I’ve now added a link to the spreadsheet I used at the end of the post.

  4. Bob MacLean says:

    Following on from TinyCO2’s comment at 11:18, your spreadsheet shows you have ranked http://www.bishophill.squarespace.com/, which is the old address for the Bishop Hill blog and which still links through to the new one. That site is ranked 93,239 worldwide by Alexa. The new Bishop Hill blog address is http://www.bishop-hill.net, which is ranked 86,936 worldwide. I’ve no idea how you combine these two figure to give a true ranking – over to the experts. 🙂

    • Thanks Bob. Yes you are right the address has changed. I’ve now updated the spreadsheet and the table to reflect this. I did consider putting both sites on, but I think Tallbloke might feel a bit squashed in by bishops as the two sites would be 10 & 12 with tallbloke pushed out of the top 10 to 11.
      So, I’ve just included the new Bishop Hill which is higher.

  5. Anthony Watts says:

    Thanks. I’d categorize The Blackboard as Lukewarmer.

  6. Anthony Watts says:

    Also, you might what to include the lunatic fringe blog known as “hotwhopper”…guessing it will come out somewhere near Planet 3.0 or maybe ahead a bit.

  7. pgosselin says:

    Great job!
    But Please add EIKE, Science Skeptical and Klimazwiebel to your list. These are quite important in Germany…especially Klimazwiebel because it is most often in English. Or did I miss it on your list.

  8. pgosselin says:

    I found it….sorry. I’d classify Klimazwiebel as a warm luke-warmist site. 🙂

  9. pgosselin says:

    If not on your list, also the Climate Scam in Sweden (skeptic)

  10. Thanks for doing this, Mike. I must say that I was quite pleasantly surprised to see my quiet little corner of the blogosphere much higher on the list than I would have expected it to be 🙂

  11. TinyCO2 says:

    When assigning ‘sceptic’, ‘lukewarmer’ or whatever, I wonder what level of warming separates each group? I would settle for 1.2C for a doubling of CO2 until I get serious evidence it’s something else but I’d call myself sceptic (or even denier) because I reject the edifice of lies, greed and stupidity built upon the issue. Can the different groups be divided by numbers or is it more of a state of mind thing?

  12. Paul Clark says:

    Outstanding list, thanks, been looking for this everywhere! Was kinda curious to see if my site was there, but I guess I don’t post on climate issues enough.

  13. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on CACA.

  14. TDK says:

    Another omission is http://www.climate-resistance.org/ which is pitched more at the philosophy/politics side than examining the science. As a result I find it difficult to classify as sceptic versus lukewarmer.

  15. Jonas N says:

    However, I would definitely label SkepticalScience as ‘warmist’ and very strident at that …
    (Why the label ‘AGW’ for that one blog only?)

  16. As far as I can see, John Cook’s SkS is the only ‘AGW’ site. Is that a particularly bonkers version of ‘warmist’?

    • That is literally the explanation (I think). Although it was entirely a mistake. Originally SkepticalScience was taken from WUWT where it was “sent to the corner of the room for being naughty” and had its own special category.
      So, when I changed the others to “Warmist” it was missed. I think I must have just removed the long “they’ve been naughty” bit from the categorisation and forgot to change the AGW to warmist.

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  18. Jake Haye says:

    Interesting list, thanks. Noticed a couple of small issues:
    – Climate Realists is listed twice (with/without index.html in the link)
    – AFAIK The Science of Doom is purely a science site, so is only ‘sceptic’ in the sense that it lacks the political spin of a typical warmist site, though such objectivity tends to favour the (lukewarm) sceptic case of course.

  19. Jake Haye says:

    Another thing: I have read Harmless Sky on occasion but good though it is was surprised to see it at #3 in the rankings. I just had another look and given how infrequent the posts are it now seems likely that there is some sort of mistake. Perhaps the ranking is for all blogs on plus.com?

  20. Anthony Watts says:

    John in Oz leaves this comment on WUWT
    An interesting graphic of web site popularity appears at http://nmap.org/favicon/ which was produced by scanning the top million web sites for 2013 (as ranked by the analytics company Alexa).
    The downloadable file with all of the sites listed has WUWT ranked as 28,232.
    For comparison:
    Realclimate – 157,676
    Bishop Hill – 297,496
    Tamino – 335,757
    Judith Curry – 477,404
    As the search engine, social media and porn sites will take up most of the higher hit-count sites, this seems to be a very creditable result for WUWT. Congrats Anthony and the team.

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  23. Climatism says:

    This page has been a handy reference. At times, useful as a reality check to “consensus” alarmists!
    If there’s room for another sceptic site on the next update : http://climatism.wordpress.com/

  24. daveburton says:

    Very useful list!
    Climate Realists is listed twice.

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