Pull the plug on this Kyoto corpse!

When Leonid Brezhnev died, I recall that he was kept alive for days on life support. The same is rumoured to have happened to Hugo Chavez (president of Venezuela).
The Kyoto commitment died on the 31st December 2012, but it has been on life support since – death is inevitable – but none of those at the Warsaw conference have any interest in pulling the plug.
Green groups
Whilst they can still claim the Kyoto corpse is alive, they can continue claiming they are doing something, continue asking for public donations and the delegates get a very nice holiday a few times a year to meet their buddies. So why should they pull the plug?
Developing world
Like the crowd Monty Python’s life of Brian, they will follow any Messiah (that offers them money). It won’t look good to go home without some agreement – so they agree to any agreement and go home claiming success.
Developed world
The talks not going anywhere are just what they wanted. The green NGOs are so gullible they will accept any nonsense deal. Every time a deadline approaches they just kick the talks off into the long grass – and the Greens just take it. Stupid? Corrupt? or do they realise they don’t have any other option?
So there is nothing lost as they just keep kicking this can down the road so why on earth would they want to anger their green voters unnecessarily by pulling the plug on Kyoto?
All government delegates
Why end Kyoto when everyone else at the talks is happy to produce toothless agreements so that they can all go home claiming a success.
The reality

“A rather loose road-map was drawn up for mobilising monies towards the $100 billion annually by 2020 was also drawn up though the map forgot to find a mid-term peg which had been demanded all through.” (The Hindu)

The translation

A fantastic success: another 7 years with the dead corpse of Kyoto rotting away allowing 7 years of meaningless talks before they will yet again have to kick it into the long grass.

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