Could it be over within days?

Even for the most ardent warmist AR5E has been an anti-climax. At first a few die-hard warmists were trolling the forums sprouting their propaganda, but even these people seem to have disappeared.
Looking through the media coverage, there is still the greenspin propaganda pieces, which have all the hallmarks of being written in bulk months ago. But the intelligent thoughtful articles are not going the IPCC way. This is typical:

Since the report is written by scientists, while the summary is written by political representatives of U.N. member nations, this would seem to be bass ackwards. In a rational world, the summary should be adjusted to reflect the current thinking of scientists. What scientists think to be scientific truth shouldn’t be massaged to fit the needs, desires, or convenience of politicians.

News stories about the IPCC report were based on the Summary for Policymakers. The main reason for the delay in issuance of the report, I suspect, is so no journalist would notice the more extravagant claims by the politicos are heavily caveated by the scientists in the report proper. [when it comes out later]

But this raises a really serious point: what happens, as it appears increasingly to be the case, if the politicos have gone well beyond what the scientists are willing to say?
What happens if the politicos have written the summary they want … and one the scientists cannot, or will not, deliver? Will they really rewrite the science to support the desired summary? Will the science be allowed to say something very different from the summary?
It is just beginning to dawn on me, that right now there could be dozens of scientists who are more than a little upset at the prospect of having to adapt their science to fit the pre-fabricated summary of the politicos. One suspects they will be demanding the report is altered. But as we know, for political reasons that is not possible. What will they do then? Keep quiet? Buckle down and altar the science?
All it would take is one scientist to state publicly that they will not adapt their section to fit the pre-ordained summary and given the lack of support for the IPCC and the desire some in the media have to put life into this story and we could well see this story suddenly get wings.

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