How the state controls us – destroy real marriage

Throughout history and long before, society has been made up of families. This was the basic building block of society. It is in the bible, it was such an intrinsic part of Greek culture that the family was the unit of democracy. Your name is your family name, indeed many clans were considered families of the chieftain.
Even the gods were considered to be families. We see this in the Norse family of gods, the Greek and then the Roman.
Then along came Caesar … Caesar wanted to be considered a god like Alexander the “great”.  These developed the concept of the individual … the god who was not part of a family. Then came Jesus … the fatherless Jew (without an earthly father) …  but yet again, sSlowly, and steadily, those cultures that valued the family turned this god into a family: father, son and virgin Mary.
2000 years later, we see yet another attempt to destroy the family, to deny the legitimacy of the union between a man and a woman which is the unit of the family tree of humanity.
Why would they do it? Why would these politicians seek to destroy the family unit and assert their illegitimate power to redefine marriage in their own perverse concept of society?
Because the real family is a threat to these politicians? These are the politicians who try to indoctrinate (aka poison the minds of) our children in school by teaching them the global warming religion that says that everything we humans do is evil … unless it is sanctioned by the holy church of Global Warming fanatics who will allow us indulgences to emit CO2 (aka breath … in the bible the direct Greek translation of pneuma is both breath & holy spirit=CO2).
But their indoctrination has failed. They don’t understand that it was because it was total claptrap, so instead like all zealots they seek to assert their power even more and this time it is to destroy the essential bond of society: the family, and replace this family-orientated society with a new society where the family is just a cosmetic relationship which can be made and broken at the behest of politicians.
In other words, a society where children do not rightly belong with married couples – but instead they belong to the state.
Destroy the family to empower the state … to empower the politicians whose utter stupidity gave us the non-science of global warming, almost sent Europe into the economic quagmire (and still might).
And all for what? To give gay people the right to be a heterosexual couple who have promised to support any children of that coupling? Well let them have the right to have a womb/penis even if it is physically impossible … if that is what they really want … but don’t take away my right to be married.
So let’s be sensible.
There are many people in society who form relationships which are not marriage. Gays are but one. Many sons live with their mothers. Some siblings live together for their whole lives. Some relationships are sexual some are not. What does that matter if they either cannot (or should not as in the case of close relatives) produce children.
The whole point about marriage is that it is part of the family tree of life. Getting married used to mean you were going to produce children if the couple were fertile. Now it means children are an option, but still a very likely one.
That is not true of gay couples, nor siblings nor many other long-term relationships which have as much right as anyone else to have some legal protection if e.g. one partner falls ill. Why are gay people so selfish that they cannot see the benefit of long-term couples for the many people who are not gay? Why are they so hostile to hetero-sexual couples, who need marriage for the legal protection of children, that they feel they have to destroy marriage and replace it with McDonald’s plastic-relationships one-size fits everyone “marriage”.
I thought civil partnership was a great idea. I didn’t realise that [some] gay people** are actually deeply hostile to heterosexuals. Perhaps that is because of the way they have been treated, but personally, I’ve become less sympathetic to gays, the more they try to destroy our society …. the society that gave them the right to be proud of themselves.
My belief is that this is just another group of zealots who are doing no real good for most of the people they claim to represent who have yet again got the ear of the idiots in parliament and are yet again railroading their idiotic ideas through parliament and yet again championed by the idiots in the BBC.
**My attention had been drawn to this part of the article. Although the style of the blog is sometimes “tongue in cheek”, I accept it could have been better phrased. I was not referring to any individuals but to the publicly portrayed views of high profile gay groups & particularly those professional lobbyists who come across as being deeply hostile to heterosexuals.

Historical Note

After this article was written I joined UKIP and was appointed Scottish spokesman on Energy and Climate. A journalists who hated UKIP, wanted to destroy UKIP, and so tried to create an attack on me by blatantly lying about what I had said in this article calling me a “homophobe” … which clearly was entirely unjustified and I did think of suing, but I’m glad I did not.

Because, by lying about me, that journalist raised the profile UKIP in Scotland and  Scotland in UKIP, and that led directly to David Coburn, an openly gay candidate and a good speaker, standing in the European election. He won! That showed that UKIP could win even Scotland. I’m sure, that one MEP, was the straw that showed if Cameron didn’t do anything UKIP would soon be making it impossible for the Tories to get elected anywhere. That led to the Brexit referendum, and that led to us leaving the EU … which is exactly what that journalist lied to try to stop. So ….


Yes, I was just one little guy, who really didn’t do anything except stand up for what I believe, and found themselves almost by accident, being the target of the vile hatred & lies of one journalist who was hated even by his colleagues.

I really didn’t do anything myself, but it is kind of funny, when I think about it.

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