Kyoto really is dead

I woke up this morning to find that there had been so many attempts from China to post spam on the village website I run for lenzie that they had stolen all my bandwidth.
Then, over coffee, I thought I’d check to see how interest in Kyoto had progressed after it effectively came to an end in December …. although obviously reported as a great success that they had a new agreement (forgetting to mention it was an agreement to talk about a new agreement to give some kind of official agreement to allow the remaining small group of countries to commit economic suicide).
Well … I need not have bothered.
THERE HAS BEEN NO REPORT AT ALL IN ANY NEWS MONITORED BY GOOGLE SINCE THE 11FEB. Indeed, there is a risk that simply by posting this, I may become the sole worldwide article on Global warming for some time.
And there are still some who will try to say it is the greatest problem facing humanity.
If it wasn’t for the fact that government lay plans years in advance and books and films can’t just be shelved … they’d be no one talking about global warming any longer. The stages

  • First they tried to convince us with the evidence
  • Then when we showed the evidence didn’t support them, they manufactured the evidence
  • Then when we explained that their “evidence” didn’t prove their case
  • They tried to tell us we (the majority) were the ill-informed minority
  • Then when it became clear we were far from ill-informed and far less a small minority.
  • They tried to ridicule us
  • Then when we laughed at their attempts to ridicule us
  • They tried to sue us
  • Then when they realised that threatening to sue when the evidence supported us
  • They tried to tell us we were mad. etc.
  • Finally … in the face of overwhelming evidence and lack of public interest in their non-science they get over their tantrum, they stop writing idiotic papers to journals and stop helping to write ridiculous articles for journalists … it all goes quiet
  • and then they try to pretend it never happened.
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