Numbskull warmists

I came across this article and thought I’d reproduce it for a laugh:-

Is Global Warming a Hoax?
Many people believe that global warming is a hoax.  But is it?
I am very concerned of the present situation of Mother Earth and I always worry what may happen to Mother Earth come tomorrow. I have strong belief that global warming is true. There are numerous indications of global warming. Just look at all the incidents happening in our world today; the frequent earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides, cyclones and worst the sudden change of weather which could become extreme hot or extreme cold.

Let’s examine this. First they use “mother earth”, creating a person out of an inanimate collection which signals someone incapable of dealing with the mechanisms of inanimate objects who much prefers dealing with things with which they can have “emotional” contact.
I have a strong belief. They may as well say … I have no evidence except my belief.
Just look at all the incidents happening in our world today… just compare the number of incidents today with any period of known history and you will find nothing has changed. The only difference is that this person’s memory doesn’t stretch beyond “today”.
Earthquakes, tsunamis … in case they are reading… there isn’t to my knowledge a single paper linking global warming to earthquakes. Now, whilst warming could cause the earth’s crust to expand and in theory lead to increased stresses, at best this fraction of a degree is much less in magnitude than the daily or yearly stresses caused by warming/cooling of night/day, summer/winter. Now if the 10s of degrees of change from winter-> summer aren’t enough to cause earthquakes (something which can be tested by counting the rate of earthquakes by season) then there’s no way the minuscule amount of warming attributed to CO2 could be doing so. (I’ll skip details about rate of penetration into crust).

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5 Responses to Numbskull warmists

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  2. There will be rivers of blood up to a horse’s bridale. The great beast 666 will appear. Four horseman will make a mess. Only the elect will sit at the right hand of Gore.
    Ecofascism is not scince in any form – it is a religious fraud.

  3. TinyCO2 says:

    I’ve always thought that if Gaia was real (and I’m not stupid enough to think she is) she’d be a very primitive kind of parent. Like many of nature’s mothers she wouldn’t care how many cute fluffy creatures get destroyed so long as her favoured offspring flourish. She’d allow us to take huge liberties with her resources so that we grow up bing and strong. She wouldn’t even care if we predate on each other so long as the most successful fulfils our potential and gets out of her territory. By sending our microbes into space we have, in some way, achieved that.

  4. bobby b says:

    This morning, my car refused to start. The battery had gone dead, as I had left an interior light on overnight.
    Clearly – clearly! – when one adds this new happening into the mix, one can no longer continue to deny the validity of the AGW theory.

  5. Red Jeff says:

    Best line “There are various natural phenomena occurring today that we haven’t experienced in the past.”… ummmm how could they be natural then? Would they not be… ummmm unnatural?

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