Now Online gaming causing global warming

From Online Social Media

Is Angry Birds Increasing Global Warming?
“We are well aware that the Angry Birds causes plenty of damage to complex structures and greedy green pigs, but are they causing damage in real life?
The most successful mobile game ever seen may damage your eyesight after a frantic playing session or even your social life in extreme cases; however reports from Platform Nation suggest Rovio‚Äôs masterpiece is harming our mother earth. The theory sounds crazy but bare with us and we will explain how John McMahon has broken down the maths in his interesting article, or YouTube video.” (Source: Online Social media)

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  1. alexjc38 says:

    Here’s the comment I just posted at the Online Social Media site:
    “In a way, Angry Birds looks like a good (if simplistic) representation of the climate change battles to come. The green piggies are obviously our light-fingered Green-in-all-but-name governments, influenced by environmental groups, the eggs represent our wealth (collected by said governments to build their under-performing windmills, etc.) and the angry birds are clearly ordinary voters, enraged when they find out how their valuable tax money has been squandered!”

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