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The Bloggers that killed the mainstream Press

In 2000 the US newspapers had their best ever year with $65billion worth of ad revenue. Less than a decade later it had dropped 2/3 that value and as the graph below shows it continues in free fall and online … Continue reading

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Something's changed

There was a time when I would comment on line as the only skeptic and wait months before a good news story came along. Then we had climategate – it gradually became respectable to be a skeptic, and after a … Continue reading

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The end of the policy era

I was reading the comedy piece in the Guardian on the UKIP elections: Forget Ukip and these staggeringly irrelevant European elections

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UKIP: The revolution is upon us.

Back in January I began realising that society was going through a massive social change as a result of social media. It started with the realisation that the mainstream on climate was no longer the “mainstream” media, but in reality … Continue reading

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Goodbye Doctor Delingpole

When Richard Black left the BBC – I said he left to spend more time in the environment. When Hansen left NASA – I said he left to spend more time with the environment. Now Delingpole is going to “pastures … Continue reading

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History is written by the VICTORS!

They say history is written by the winners. But the Citizen News Media are beginning to dominate the internet. If this new CNM end up writing the history of the “climate wars”, does mean we are the winners?

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Did Wikipedia editors kill the Guardian & Independent?

With the rise of the internet, the mainstream Media are in long term decline as Citizen Scientists using Citizen News Media begin to dominate those Universal subjects like climate. But were they given a helping hand by the antics of … Continue reading

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Jo: global warming tide is not turning, it has turned!

Will the global warming scam go out in a fizzle or a pop? Will it die a quiet death or will the media turn on those who fed this story and tear them apart. We are about to find out! … Continue reading

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Climate bloggers: is CNM killing the Mainstream Media?

How often have we read “the Main Stream Media don’t ever report climate”? Written by citizens, on the Citizen News Media (CNM) bemoaning the lack of coverage on the MSM. Are we bloggers, this new CNM part of new “supermarkets” … Continue reading

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The Citizen Scientist : a paradigm shift in Science.

After several conversations regarding my article: “The Citizen Scientist“, I am beginning think this may possibly be the most important article I have ever written about the climate debate. What I suggested is that sceptics can be considered as a … Continue reading

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