Starlink down

Following the last two posts (link) (link) showing what might be technology aimed at satellites, it is now reported that the Starlink satellites linked to Elon Musk and supposedly used by Zelensky for communication, are now down.

As such, I am wondering whether what I interpreted as a Russian laser could have been a microwave. Microwave extends up to 1cm. Let us say we wanted 1m divergence over 100km, that would require a microwave antenna 1km wide. 10m divergence would need one 100m wide. If you were to concentrate microwaves into a 100m x 100m space at 100km, the antenna need only be 10m wide. That is not so crazy. Let’s say 1kw per square meter, then that is 10megawatt. The yellow glow, could just be hot air, in the same way as soot from a candle glows yellow, but obviously there is a lot less soot in the air. It might just work. Obviously needs more investigation, but I’ll leave that up to people paid to do that.

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