US commits act of war against Germany

There is now overwhelming evidence that the US, or to be precise BuyDem, committed an act of war against both Germany and Russia. Yet, despite this obvious fact, journalists were blatantly lying with a “Russia did it” narrative which even they knew was a lie.

We are heading to war. Not because anything that Putin did, but because the press are suffering yet another of their derangement syndromes, but this time the object of their hatred is not Trump, or climate, or Covid, but Putin.

US Air Force helicopters conducted a series of sorties in the area where the Nord Stream explosion and the mysterious gas leak occurred just days ago, much ahead of the accident that Europe claims may have been a ‘sabotage’, Oleg Makarov, military and defence analyst and co-founder of Vatfor claimed on Tuesday. The trajectory of the flight of the American helicopters with the callsign ‘FFAB123’ coincided with the site in the Baltic Sea where the major gas leaks subsequently took place on the Nord Stream pipelines to Europe

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