We’re well past Peak Climate Alarmism

There is an old saying of “giving someone enough rope to hand themselves with”, which is proving very apt at the moment. The climate alarmists had been playing a very clever game of slowly increasing the costs of fossil fuels through various means in such a way that they were largely hidden to the public (by a compliant press). But the covid scam emboldened them, and they lost all caution and went for broke, thinking that invading Ukraine would shield them. However, with such massive price rises caused by Net Zero, they can no longer hide the shocking reality of what their measures actually mean in practice. More and more, people are coming to realise that Net Zero is an insanely expensive policy.

That was bad enough, but then Sunak spilled the beans that the experts had been falsifying the record to pretend their was a consensus and force through actions, which were clearly and unequivocally highly damaging. They lied, Sunak has said they lied, and now the public knows the experts lie, and the press know they lie and don’t say a thing.

Everyone can see the similarity between the terrorism campaign promoting the covid scam, and that of the climate scam. Everyone can see how the same lies form the “experts” are used to create a false “consensus”. And everyone can see that the “experts” don’t give a damn for the costs of their insanely costly demands.

I’ve now got the sense, that having been pushing the heavy car uphill for the last 15 years, suddenly scepticism has gone over the brow, and we are pushing down hill. Indeed, in some senses, I feel that the sceptic bandwagon is now running away from me as others take over.

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