By my own test is WWIII starting?

I thought I would be writing an article on building your own nuclear shelter … but that go stuck in the mud … so to speak.

Instead I am reporting on a financial scandal so odd, and so massive, that I have to keep convincing myself that I heard it from someone in the House of Lords.

Why is this important? Because the key indicator that China is going to invade Taiwan, will be that we start seeing a torrent of extremely bad PR for the US. My, assumption had been that we’d see the release of huge dossiers of material from Epstein Island, showing how corrupt all the US politicians (in the pay of China) have been. Basically, China corrupts all the politicians … and then it shows how corrupt the US has been, leading to a media storm, etc. But of course, the media are just as corrupt as the politicians. So, the first we would see of it, would be on social media, with the press being dragged kicking and screaming against the truth to have to admit it is true.

That is the scenario I thought would happen. But, anything that undermines the west, will do. And, now seeing the following video, perhaps I was thinking too much in western ways. To us, undermining politicians is the way to destroy a government. But the Chinese can’t see our obsession with the personality cult, and perhaps what they are going to attack is the western banking system

Basically, the scam seems to be as follows: someone lied about owning so much gold that it is many times as much as has ever been dug up in all the lifetime of humanity. They then lent it to people as a form of loan, so that this gold then has a value … in effect they created money. That money is then on the US books, and can be used to pay people, because it appears the US has far more money than it really has.

You would imagine this scam … apparently done by the US, with full knowledge of many, if not all leading bankers, would be the end of the US. And, indeed, maybe it might. But, money doesn’t work that way. Money doesn’t have an absolute value, it has a relative value. That is to say … it doesn’t matter how much the US actually has in the bank, what matters, is whether the US can convince those who currently want paid, that it has enough money to pay them.

And, for anyone small, owed money by the US, the US “has” money enough to pay them. The problem is if a lot of big people, who lent money to the US, suddenly start coming asking for their money back.

The question now, is can the Alzheimers regime of the leader who did not win the election in the US, convince those bankers, that they will be paid, but not just yet (again)? Which is really another question … would they prefer to pretend they have a lot of money secured by the US, or would they prefer to have to admit it, they lent it to a regime, run by an illegitimate “leader” who cannot repay their debt (and I should note the scam dates from 2009, so BuyDem isn’t the only one who’s in on this … although … he has problems finding his way to the mic.

Other things hitting us

I’ll just quickly list them

  • Nuclear war … has to be considered as an imminent threat (in US)
  • World starvation from WEF
  • Fuel poverty and economic recession due to Net Zero economic suicide

Is that all? I’m sure there’s another one … nuclear war, world starvation and economic collapse? I’m sure there’s another … goodness I’m becoming like BuyDem.

There’s probably not a lot more to say … I know what the other is … it’s China invading Taiwan. Nuclear war could come from either the Ukraine corruption or the wicked witch of the west flying into Taiwan on her broomstick, so it’s the forth one.

just a sense check … yes the covid jab has caused babies to die … yes manslaughter on industrial scale, but kinda down in the noise right now. Protests all over the place at the insanity of Net Zero … included. Press censorship and lies … I could rant about that … not included, but insanely a totally lying press is one of the smaller problems we face. BuyDem corruption, Pelosi corruption, is any senior US politician (except Trump) not corrupt?

OK. One of the key signs that something is about to happen, is that the “prepper sites” (which are often run by government stooges) are starting to go on about “get your three day bug out bag ready. That’s a campaign by the US government, to get people prepared to evacuate whole cities. So, they are planning for a nuclear war.


You’ll have to forgive me, because I’m not that familiar with the run up to a nuclear war, so I may be a bit fuzzy on how it develops. However, one of the easiest things to spot, will be the use of social media, to totally undermine western leaders, and show they are a totally corrupt and morally bankrupt group of scoundrels that if they say “bewar”, we should check our wallet and daughters. Unfortunately, as our politicians and media are all of that … it is rather difficult to spot when a foreign power is deliberately trying to increase our distrust of the totally untrustworthy.

However, this $15trillion ought to be doing just that … conveniently coming out just as BuyDem makes a lot of money for the military complex in the US, by spending money that isn’t there.

Let’s just hope Pelowsi is a real witch, off on her broomstick to fight voldermort, who has been rather active lately amongst us muggles.

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