Is Scotland’s excess deaths a sign of ADE developing

The rise in Scotland’s death rate (shown below) has been in the news today. Given what I have been saying about the possibility of ADE developing, could this be an early sign?

Let us first look at the UK figures on which I have drawn some trends I have spotted for some time:

These steady increase in the excess deaths from a low in Jul 2020, just after a lot of vulnerable people close to death died, upward till the next peak, when another group of vulnerable people who were going to die soon died, and then another climb back up to an excess of deaths, really suggests a long term trend of increasing deaths or spiralling downward life expectancy. This is what everyone should expect if we shut down our health service.

Now add them to the Scottish graph

Again, whilst it is less clear, the trends appear to be present.If so, the trend started long before the dangerous jab was being given out and it does not appear to have accelerated afterwards.


The excess deaths curve shows criminal behaviour by policy makers who are responsible for the early deaths of thousands of people, but it does not yet show anything that cannot be otherwise explained and therefore would suggest ADE is developing.

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