The End of the Scare

Bizarrely after the UK ineptitude (not government) announced a recklessly rushed through “vaccine” which apparently is so pathetic that it’s not going to change anyone’s life if they take it and so dangerous that vaccine companies demand immunity from prosecution for when it goes wrong, far from the expected anger or delight, instead the reaction was resigned humour.

It’s almost as if people were thinking: “what the f does it matter what they do now, when they’ve already done so much to us in such an appalling way”.

What changed? Well, for one the weather has! And as all the shouts and screams of kids out in the snow yesterday proclaimed, normal behaviour has returned because of the snow. Likewise, fewer and fewer people are having time to panic about covid as they start panicking about Christmas.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for the feardemic-mongerers … because they don’t really have a vaccine, and quite literally there is no time between now and Christmas for even the worst fearnumpties to be bothered with a vaccine even if they could start churning it out. And by the time we all stop eating and drinking and making merry, most people will have forgotten why they were afraid of covid, their brainwashing will be reset by the return of normality and by mid January, when people might be receptive to a new wave of brainwashing, there simply will not be the covid cases or deaths to create the fear.

Game Set and Match!

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