The Way Back to Normal

In Lessons from Lockup I have summarised what we should learn from the insane government response that killed so many people and so wrecked our economy. Unfortunately, except for saying “it should never happen again”, and “those responsible should rot in jail”, there is not a lot we can benefit from now, as hopefully, it will be a long time before anyone is so stupid again.

We are now at a position, where the “second wave” is peaking with almost no appearance as excess deaths, meaning that this is a pretty normal autumn in terms of infectious diseases. As such, the emergency is over, the human rights acts now take precedence over any silly covid legislation, and we can legally go about our normal business ignoring the huffing and puffing of politicians.

But, the question now, is should we, as a society, now just say “it’s over everyone just return to normal”. Because I don’t think it may be that easy. The problems are:

  1. Many people have become what I would call “institutionally scared” – analogous to the institutionalisation that occurs to prisoners. They are now so caught up in their own vicious cycle of fear, that they are literally ill with fear and cannot easily return to normal. Government 24/7 propaganda brainwashed them into gibbering wrecks, it may require MORE effort to deprogram them.
  2. Many people after this debacle have less than no trust in government. They actually believe that they deliberately set out to destroy our country. So, perversely, if these same idiots that said we should lockup, now said “go back to normal”, many people would be extremely sceptical. The government no longer have credibility to govern.
  3. Our economy, society, and health service has been wrecked by SAGE & government. They have destroyed normality (possibly as some are anti-capitalist greens, quite intentionally). SAGE & government have created a massive economic, health and social crisis. Children have missed education, we no longer have the money to keep all the public services going.
  4. We ARE IN A COMPLETE &%$£ mess and there is not the slightest credibility in the Tory party or indeed amongst any of the politicians who stood shoulder to shoulder in the line of stupidity. Yes some Tory MPs are finally starting to make noises, but that really is like Germans starting to say that perhaps Hitler wasn’t a great leader, as the concentrations camps are being opened up. TOO LITTLE FAR TOO LATE.
  5. Fragility of immune systems. Never before have so many people been socially isolated for such a long time. We do not know what effect that will have, but one possibility is that it makes us MUCH MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to a new epidemic. Using the concentration camp analogy – when allies arrived they SHUT THE GATES, because those inside were so sick that they couldn’t be allowed to leave. So, insane as it may sound, despite the fact I have said lockups killed, it may be necessary to consider further measures to reduce the spread of infectious diseases for a few months. But any measures should have minimal social & economic impact (like handwashing)
  6. It’s also possible that “normality” may be harmful to the “institutionally fearful”. The institutionally fearful currently believe their fear has a purpose because their insane behaviour is meaningful (to them). Take away that purpose – make them understand that what they did was totally pointless, even harmful – then the whole purpose of their current life disappears. So, as the institutionally fearful start to realise how stupid they have been, there could be some pretty harsh reactions. Self harming? Social destructiveness like terrorism? When I am proved right (e.g. Brexit) – I celebrate with a whisky or two and go back to what I normally do the next day. But for those who have destroyed their lives to live the feardemic … I am not sure how they get back to normal.

Thus, whilst it might appear very easy to “just get back to normal”, I think that process is going to be far more problematic than it seems. Indeed, the return to normal may be MORE PROBLEMATIC than getting into the insane feardemic.


Is “a plan” the right approach

I was hoping, having looked at the various issues, that it would by this point be obvious what the plan should be. But, it isn’t. Indeed, I hesitate even to suggest we should have “a plan”, because it was that type of thinking, creating “a plan” that enabled the incompetents in SAGE (who had the insane plan) to get control of our country with such disastrous results.

Sack SAGE and Johnson

The only obvious things are to remove both Johnson and ALL MEMBERS of SAGE (and any supporting their views) from any semblance of power, influence or control over our country.

One obvious change, is to demand an election. But given that ALL POLITICIANS WERE INCOMPETENT AND REPREHENSIBLE, I don’t see that as putting us in a better position. Nor do I see putting some kind of arbitrary group of people in charge as any alternative … because that is more than likely to put people like SAGE in control and that is why the handling of covid was such a scandalous fiasco. So, we are &%$£  stuck with the politicians.

End the censorship

We need to end, not only all government censorship both official and unofficial, but actively remove censorship from social media which was one of the main causes of this delusionary coronaphobia developing. It was because Google, Twiter and fascist book blocked the sane frontline doctors telling us that HCQ worked or that lockup was worse than the virus, that we got this vicious cycle of group-think and delusion that led to the insanity.

In particular, the Biased Corp (BBC) were their usual appalling selves seeing their job as endless one-sided campaigning and treating the public like sheep to be herded whatever way the biased corp decided. THEY HAVE TO GO. We can never again allow them to have such a say in public discourse. Their punishment for their appalling behaviour has to be to immediately start funding them using a subscription model.

Focus on the Children

We may not be able to afford the same level of education in the future, but at least we can make the best of what we have now until it is gone. Young people are used to change in their lives, so they will have very few problems adapting back to normal, so, get schools and Universities back to normal IMMEDIATELY.

Younger Adults

Again young adults are relatively used to change, are quite resilient against infections and so where ever possible should return to normal. But in many cases, their jobs have been destroyed by SAGE-Johnson. There may be a great deal of resentment by this group … which is likely to be expressed most fiercely during the summer of 2021 or perhaps 2022. That needs a plan – one that doesn’t need any money because we don’t have any. Instead, expect more of the dither, delay and academic led insanity that we had with the covid fiasco.

Older “socialites” v. “Analysts”

My guess, is that the people who socialise most, with the widest group of friends, have had their lives wrecked most by this insane lockup. People like that tend to go into “social” industries, like politics, sales, hospitality, which have or are being hit extremely hard.

In contrast, those who have a few good friends and family, which tend to be those in analytical type jobs, probably have had the least impact on their lives.

I think most “socialites” are currently totally unaware of how stupid they have been, which means there is an enormous disparity between how much their life has been wrecked by the lockup and how aware they are of the pointlessness of the lockup. In contrast, the analysts, will be far more sceptical of the lockup even though it has had relatively less impact on them.

Worse still, the “socialites” often control or at least influence society – which is why MPs tend to come from this group. Often these people are either responsible for the destruction of their own lives or they formed part of the “group consensus” destroying their own lives. Whereas the “analysts” for the most part, were usually quickly sceptical and know that they were not responsible for the (more limited) damage to their lives.

I can imagine, that the “socialites”, particularly those in powerful positions, will find themselves in a very awkward position with their own consciences. They may start to seriously doubt whether their lives have any purpose … they may realise that they have no credibility with other people. Perhaps the closest similar mass reaction, would be that after Princess Diana was killed by the media hounding her. The result was the media went berserk with remorse (i.e. guilt). Now imagine that instead of one princess, these media types had been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and the destruction of many lives and businesses. It’s going to be a decade of the media (and similar socialites) telling us we must all feel their guilt.

A decade of these socialites telling us how depressed they are and how we should all be sorry for them destroying our country, may in the end be more damaging to our economy and society than the direct economic damage done so far.

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