Having used Gab.com for a while as a twitter replacement, it seems that as a result of attacks on them by the “diversity is good – except diversity of views” fascists, they changed so that searches became impossible, which made it useless for accessing a specific subject like Climate.

However, today I have found a new form of free-speech online discussion and that is via the dissenter web browser or browser add-on. I say web browser, because the fascists have already got to Mozilla and blocked it as an extension, so I could only use it as a separate browser.

For obvious reasons, my first port of call [after testing at WUWT] was to see what dissenters had written on the wakopedia “global warming” page, and I was not disappointed, and indeed, I was able to add a summary of much that is so deceitful about that article. I then added comments to “Saint Patrick”, where an entirely justified edit to include historically accurate information was blocked, and one to the “Celts” to add yet more historically accurate information which I haven’t even bothered to attempt to add as I know it will be COMPLETELY blocked.

But much more fun, than finally being able to say what I think of the lies at Wakopedia, is to be able to read every one else’s views on a host of other subjects via the “random shuffle” feature. This is just what I’ve been looking for … a way to get an idea of what other normal sane people worldwide are thinking without it being filtered and biased by big-brother google/twitter/facebook.

And, there have been surprisingly few “racist” comments, and indeed, except for large number of U.S. subjects being discussed, I think it’s definitely a site I will be returning to frequently.

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