Treacherous remainers: how to win a vote & lose the war

In recent weeks remainer MPs have been strenuously trying to persuade the populace that it was impossible for the UK to leave the EU without a deal. As a strategy that was not bad (even if I say it myself), because it’s blatantly obvious given the EU took 7 years to reach a deal with Canada that they would never manage to come up with an acceptable deal with the UK in the mere 2 year timetable the EU forced on us (despite requests to lengthen it).
So, the treacherous anti-democratic self-serving MPs were heading toward a nice position: they could pretend that the EU negotiated in good faith, and then reject the deal saying “a no deal is impossible” – so we can’t leave.
That was what they had planned … until today. Because today they came out in public and admitted that a no deal was not only perfectly possible … it was quite likely. And they did this by finally admitting that it was very likely we will be leaving without the stitched up deal on offer from the EU.
First rule of politics: if you don’t want something to happen, don’t give it credence. The treacherous politicians today have not only shown that it is perfectly possible for us to leave without a deal …. they have also said that they will throw the PM a lifeline with these MPs taking all the blame for anything that goes wrong. Because that is what they are doing if they enact this pathetic clause: ANY PROBLEMS and they get the blame.
And now there is no hiding that their intention all along was only to deny the public our democratic decision to leave.
May must be laughing – I was expecting her to go very shortly after Brexit to “take the blame”. But not now.
May is now free to leave with no deal. The idiot MPs intention to stop brexit has been shown for what it is. And if they trigger the clause – they not only feel the wrath of the electorate for intentionally making brexit worse – they get all the blame for any brexit problems.

Game set and match.

The last obstacle to leaving on the 29th March with no deal has gone thanks to these pathetic “MPS”


It is slowly dawning on me what a monumental disaster this is for remain. The tactic should have been to take it through to the vote and then pretend to consider all the options and then pretend that it was not decided long before the debate and vote “no option is good enough … we can’t leave”. To pretend they occupied the democratic high ground … strenuously going along with the rules, but on a technicality – not blatant unlistening arrogance – “having” to vote against leaving.
For that they needed:

  1. To prevent the public believing that leaving with no deal was a viable option. But they’ve blown that by showing they think that is a very realistic possibility (why else are they so desperately trying to stop a no deal).
  2. They needed to pretend that they were going along with the will of the people – but the only reason they couldn’t go along with it …. just now … was because after due consideration none of the current options were good enough. But they’ve just blown that argument, because without any consideration they’ve tried (and failed) to block the very viable option of leaving without a deal.
  3. The other prerequisite, was that they had to pretend that there was some deal that they could agree to. That the issue was not about stopping brexit – but about choosing between different deals. And for that they had to avoid at all costs showing themselves to be a group of traitors who will stop at nothing to try to halt brexit. And again, they have clearly failed because by today’s extremely unusual and highly dubious vote that had nothing to do with Brexit, they have shown they were was clearly just trying desperately to stop brexit.

And the reason I’m writing this, is because it’s becoming clear that even Remainers on twitter think that this move by MPs is anti-democratic. It shows them to be a group who are just trying to force through their own point of view with no intention whatsoever of listening to their constituents. Remainers don’t like this tactic! Remain MPs have lost credibility with their own supporters. It’s a monumental PR disaster. It smacks of the worst kind of politicking, and there is not a chance in hell they can claim the democratic high ground now. It just underlines the sense that remain, like the EU are undemocratic in the way they work.

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3 Responses to Treacherous remainers: how to win a vote & lose the war

  1. oldbrew says:

    Remainers are also snookered by the EU saying the deal on offer is the only one available. Once rejected – presumably next week – that only leaves No Deal, unless UK democracy is going to be undermined by some trickery.
    Then WTO rules will take over on March 29th.

  2. Doonhamer says:

    Thank you for raising my hopes about dragging ourselves out of this Slough of Despond.
    The relentless negativity of the MSM is depressing.
    Then, from somewhere, we need to find MPs with some nerve and common sense.

    • Yonason says:

      “Then, from somewhere, we need to find MPs with some nerve and common sense.” – Doonhamer
      Nail on the head. There is an acute leadership vacuum nearly everywhere, it would seem. One can only hope it can be resolved, and the sooner the better.

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