Merry Xmas

2019 is going to be a momentous year for the UK as we finally leave the EU empire and start life anew as an independent nation outside the direct control of EU bureaucrats.
But, in the old Roman empire, the empire not only controlled people within its border, but using a mixture of bribes to the elites and threats of invasion, it also controlled many “client kingdoms” on its borders. So, to say we will be free entirely from control of the EU empire is going too far, at least until the EU empire itself falls apart.
Likewise, the power of the eco-fascists is waning as the imminent threat of climate catastrophe so obviously fails to materialise despite decades of telling us there was an imminent threat. But although we are still wasting money on the scammers, when we leave the EU, we not only rid ourselves of their self-destructive eco-fascist influence, but having got rid of the EU, which drives the scam and itself is a massive cost, I think it is only a matter of time till the cross-hairs of public scorn fall on the climate scam as well.
On a similarly happy note, the BBC are daily losing public support as I see more and more people ready to speak out against the Biased Broadcasting Company. Their own eco-fascism is now in a vicious spiral: they are gradually having their budgets squeezed … causing viewers to switch off and go elsewhere … which in turn means that public support diminishes … which in turn means it becomes ever easier to squeeze their budgets. The¬† question is not whether the BBC will be dismantled, but when.


There is one thing that ties all these social ills together. That is the role of academia and the way its political and social bias underlies them. This bias was patently obvious during the Brexit referendum when time after time the press came out with yet another fake news story from some academics desperately trying to stop brexit by publishing their own political views dressed up as “research”. We all know the role of academia in creating and pushing the climate scam, particularly the way they have similarly pushed their own political views as “research” which the eager press just gullibly publish. And which part of the press is the most eager to publish the political views of academia dressed up as “research” … the BBC.
So, behind all these social ills, and others such as the constant destructive attacks on British industry (another beloved target of academia) … is the political activism of academia. Indeed, it really is a partnership. Academia is extremely biased in its views, and then they use the press, who do not bother to fact check academic material (because who can fact check it except academia) and the result is that the political views of academia (used to) have free access to the press.
The only place where academia’s own political views lately started getting rebuked, is on the internet, where experts like me and many many others with the experience of a lifetime working outside academia, have the opportunity to express our views in an arena where academics have not yet worked out how to force their views onto us (although they are trying to do it with the complicity of people like google).

A reason for optimism – a cost theory of fake news

You might have thought, that because the political bias of academia is such an intractable problem with no obvious solution – because politician rely on academics to guide them and these guides will never ever guide them away from funding and using those guides.
However, again the internet is coming to our rescue.
In the past, when it cost huge amounts to set up a publisher or newspaper, this cost meant it was practically impossible for anyone – except those journalists and publishers – who wasn’t incredibly rich, to force their views on the rest of us. But with the internet, the cost of publishing dropped to such an extent that any idiot with a physics degree can now write a blog.
Thus whilst it is often said that if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door, the reality was that if you have the low down on a story that interests someone in another continent, in the past, not only wouldn’t they know that you had the story, but it was almost always prohibitively expensive for an individual in one country, let alone a continent to “beat a path to your door”.
However, that is no longer true. The cost of finding out information … even from very obscure sources, is now relatively cheap. Most people, even with google intentionally hiding some material, can now find information they want on the internet within seconds, minutes, or in the case of the dark net, just hours.
Thus, in the past, when a newspaper printed their fakes stories, it was practically impossible, due to the cost, for any normal person to independent verify the credibility of those stories. However, today the cost of someone independently investigating a story is DRAMATICALLY lower. And that goes as much for fake google search results that push up paid advertisers and push down climate sceptics as it does for fake academic “research”. When we don’t trust search engines, we can and do find ways around it. When we don’t trust fake news in the media, we can and do find ways around it. When we don’t trust fake research from academia, we can and usually do find other sources of information.
You no longer have to be a professional employed to investigate “fake stories” in order to find what is fake and what is not.
The result, is that the endless torrent of fake news from academia Рwhilst it seems to have no end Рit also is now relatively easy in many cases to work out it is fake research. And this is largely what has angered academics. In the past, before the internet, they could and did print their own views Рthe views of the rest of academia Рas research, to nothing but acclaim from academics and their stooges like the BBC in the press. Today, however, there is an army of people on the internet, willing  able using the internet to fight back against their fake research. It may not yet have stemmed the tide, but publishing fake research is no longer cost free for academia.
If, or more likely in my case, when, we suspect academic research is a load of politically biased bullshit, unlike the past where we could do very little, today we can quickly uncover the truth and almost as quickly get our own views on the fake research online. And I can assure you the result has been the immense frustration of academics in all subjects who now fear their fake research being revealed.
This new freedom, I think is a very good reason to see that the future will be much better than the present. We cannot stop people trying to push their views on us. But today, the cost of producing fake information is relatively high because it is so relatively inexpensive to uncover fake news, fake research through the internet. Yes, we are increasingly coming across fake material, but the reason we know it is fake, is because the internet now allows us to verify that “information” in a way that was hitherto impossible unless you were an academic with a tenured employment, a lot of time available, and free access to a library of information.

Predictions for the future

We are new entering into a new age of honesty – not because people have suddenly changed their fundamental nature and become honest – but because the cost of dishonesty has risen. And that I think is a good thing and worth celebrating.
However, I can also predict that we now have three months of fake news as manufacturers try to hype up the possibility that there will be a shortage of their product to cause panic buying before Brexit. So, even if these scams are revealed almost as quickly as they are created, human nature being what it is …
It’s going to rain – there will be snow, droughts …. weather will still happen
The climate scam will continue to fade. However, based on a realistic appraisal, I can’t see the academics involved changing their views quickly. They are now proven to change the temperature to match their group-think, and so that group-think is now so deeply engrained that rather than face the truth they will change the evidence to match their views.
As a result I think we will need at least 3 decades of contrary temperature. Given that climate is just as likely to see warming as cooling, this suggests around 60years before the scam completely dies. So, given the odd period when the inevitable severe weather will cause a temporary reprieve, the scam will more or less fade at a snail’s pace until long after I’m dead.
Academics in a host of subjects are going to become increasingly frustrated as they see their control of subjects they formerly considered to be their exclusive domain, becoming a free for all on the internet. Well tough!
Google and others who have tried to take control over what we think through their dominance of the internet, will find TO THEIR COST, that that just is not possible. The more they try to do it, the quicker alternatives will grow.
And the BBC – who really cares about the BBC any longer? Yes they had a good run – yes at a much more gullible time, they were widely acclaimed as an essential part of British life – a Britain they tried to destroy, but it’s time that this dinosaur from the past made way for the future. And as the non-BBC watching generations come to power, I suspect that will be sooner rather than later.
So, all in all, I think I’ve had a very good year and the prospect really is of a merry Xmas and happy newyear.

Happy Brexmas!

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2 Responses to Merry Xmas

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Happy Christmas!
    Thanks for bringing us uclimate.
    I’m not sure that I share your optimism. 2019 is going to be rough. The EU will try damn sure to make it so. The climate jamboree isn’t growing but it isn’t going away either. Our government still insists on laying the tables for dinner, even though we can see the energy iceberg. You’d think they’d want to drop a few priorities, if only for a few years.
    But, when we come out the other side of this, it will feel brilliant.
    May our New Year be a good one.

  2. Doonhamer says:

    And Guid New Year.
    All you say is true, and thank you for saying it.
    It is people like you, who have knowledge of science, the perseverance to shovel through all the bull-shit for the truth, the know-how on how to broadcast it and the courage to battle on that give me hope.

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