EU: two years of utter crap – and then we leave + new PM

Like the old Roman empire – that controlled trade by building walls, the EU has created its empire by denying free trade to small countries on its borders that then face a choice, between trying to scrape a living where its largest neighbour refuses to treat it fairly in terms of trade, or giving up its freedom for relative (and by no means absolute) economic prosperity in the EU.
And just as the Roman empire fought all its wars of aggression, using the labour of those it conquers., so the EU elite have used the earnings of those nations dumb enough to sign up to its empire to fund the building of trade walls that are so effective at forcing countries just outside to join.
But Britain is different. Firstly we have historic trade networks throughout the world, secondly we’re just stubbornly independent, and thirdly we’re not a land-locked country sandwiched between the rick EU and the poor neighbours of the former USSR. Instead we’re looking out literally on a sea filled with economic opportunity.
However, just like the Roman empire, the one thing the EU elite cannot allow, is for countries to leave the empire and become prosperous. And therefore it does not matter how much it hurts people in the EU – the EU elite will do all it can to wreck the UK economically once we leave – to have us – like those put up on the crucifix – as a symbol of what happens to dissenters from the EU empire.
So, to put it in the politest terms: the EU intends to do f-all to get a trade deal with us as we leave.  And through the fifth columnist press – it will attack anyone and everyone connected with the Brexit project whether they were a remainer or not.

The Tory Party

It is therefore extremely likely that the Tory party will be under the most relentless attacks by the remoaning press and the remoaning BBC and the remoaning political elite as we got toward Brexit.
However … if the Tories dare to turn from the path of leaving the EU … they can more or less kiss goodbye to power forever. Because as soon as they even waiver … UKIP support will rocket and the Tories will be left with a toxic residue of both being pro- and anti- EU & Brexit. GOODBYE TORY party (much as happened in Scotland for a generation – but given the internet revolution – if the Tories disappear from power in the UK, it will be the last we see of them).

All Hell let loose

Whether by choice or not … the Tories have inherited the will of the people to leave the EU. And whether it is their choice or not … the remoaner media are going to give them grief, not only until we leave … but for many years after.
However, whilst the media will be out with their guns blazing for the Tories … trying to stoke up every rumour of division and every talk of a fresh leadership bid. The people are not the media, and the people want a successful Brexit. And the people aren’t stupid, and we know the EU are trying to put the pressure on us by denying us any meaningful negotiations.

What we need from the current PM

So, what we need from the current PM, is someone who is going to take all the flak that the remoaning media & their cohorts, the EU, can fire at them. Someone who can keep going on and on despite the most horrendous difficulties. Someone who doesn’t have any great ideas … except finishing the job they started.
However, my belief is that under the relentless bombard that will happen from now until after we leave the EU, the current PM will be fatally flawed. NO ONE CAN – EVEN THE PERFECT – CAN TAKE WHAT IS COMING THEIR WAY AND NOT COME AWAY DAMAGED IN SOME WAY.
Indeed, we may go through several PMs:

  • One scapegoat for the “failed” EU talks (ironically due solely to EU intrasigence
  • One scapegoat for the inevitable fall in the pound and the EU digs in the economic knife
  • One to accept the blame for losing all the elections – as every difficulty (of this huge project) gets blamed on the ruling party.

However, just because the PM has to be expendable – there’s no excuse for division or for not getting the job done and doing what is best for Britain.

Likely Scenario

The EU will continue its appalling behaviour not only right up to the point we leave, but for many years after. And it will continue to do so, until they wake up to the economic and political reality that we are doing quite well outside the EU and are very happy to have left.
So, it is extremely unlikely we will get any firm deals except on a very small number of issues before we leave. But this is just the EU’s way of putting pressure on us and their attempt to highlight to all the other would be leavers in the EU that leaving the EU will be no rose garden.
So, we cannot expect any substantial deal – and should plan for that, both economically and politically.
I therefore think the Tory party should plan to change leader as we leave. I think a PM with the best interests of the UK – and despite all the problems being entirely due to the EU … would “accept personal responsibility” for what those like the BBC will be calling “the fiasco of leaving without a deal”. And then we will get a new PM who – untarnished by all the dirt the EU & the poxies in the press like the BBC have been hurling a the previous PM.
However … the British public will know the real culprits!

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3 Responses to EU: two years of utter crap – and then we leave + new PM

  1. Casey says:

    I have a feeling we are going to get right royally screwed with the Leave.
    None of the politicians want to lose their promised high positions in the EU when they retire or their back-hander payments from the EU…
    We, the public, will be bent over and shafted hard THEN they will say it was our fault for voting “Leave”.
    When the battered wife (UK) leaves the abusive husband (EU), you don;t keep him around to keep screwing you… you get out and GO…

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Most ordinary people in the UK now just want to leave the EU completely. But the political “elite” (or dregs) rather like the EU – where they don’t have to deal with ordinary people like you and me.
      The irony is that because the EU only deal with the idiots at the top of government, they think they are “punishing” the UK by denying us any deal … and that somehow that will force us to stay … but in reality it is just giving us the total freedom from them that most people want.

      • Casey says:

        Yes – not only that, the lure of trading with the EU would have been a shadow over us.
        With their “punish the UK”, we start to look everywhere else and see… wow… there’s a whole big wide world to trade with (and without that trade being ratified or vetoed by some EU bureaucrat!)
        We don’t need the EU (at all).
        One thing the Stay people have missed – the EU is, supposedly, all about doing what’s best for the member states.
        That they want us to stay, that they have tried to brainwash millions with their “we love EU” propaganda and the Campaign if Fear leading in to the referendum…. shows that The UK being in the EU is a benefit for THEM, not us.

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