Britain votes for Easy Brexit

The UK has already triggered article 50, we are leaving the EU and in the face of growing support for leaving the EU no serious party is suggesting otherwise.
What was uncertainty is whether we’d get a deal with the EU … or to be honest, I was pretty certain we’d be leaving with a deal but that there would be high hopes on an imminent deal when we left.
But any such talk of “deals” has now been blown out the water by the stupidity of all the remainers who hang on to the illusion they could stay in the failed EU by voting Labour.
All they could achieve by voting Labour is to condemn us to the same economic and social failings that now plague the EU.
But it was much worse … because by voting labour, the remainers have shot themselves in the foot because we’re now heading out the EU the easy way … without any deal or any prospect of a deal.

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