Election 8th June – a Scottish perspective

In 2014 the Scottish people voted against leaving the UK and for remaining part of the UK.
Last year we in Scotland having committed to take decisions like brexit as part of the UK agreed to leave the EU. As such whilst Scotland rejected the SNP’s call for Scottish self-determination, the UK chose a path of self-determination.
Anyone who has been in a small rowing boat, understands the simile of “rocking the boat”: only one person can move around with risk tipping everyone into the brink. If Scotland had agreed with the SNP to leave the UK then we would have expected the rest of the UK to retain a level of stability and try to stop “rocking the boat” during the difficult transition process as Scotland left the UK.
In contrast, I have watched with absolute horror as the SNP have done all they possibly can to “rock the boat” clearly without concern for the economic interests of the rest of the UK. I have watched with absolute horror as nationalists engaged in a campaign of hate against the English and those voting Brexit labelling us all “Xenophobes”.
We need a government of national unity. Unfortunately, the Labour party is in a mess, as is UKIP (a pity) so as a party, the only ones who seem to understand the need for national unity are the Tory party.
As such I have reluctantly, and for the sake of national unity, decided to join the Tory party to do all I can to ensure that we get the strong government we need to take us through Brexit.

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11 Responses to Election 8th June – a Scottish perspective

  1. Keith says:

    Well said

  2. Irish Scot says:

    Well done.

  3. Guirme says:

    Sadly the first minister has been a policy free zone. All she seems able to do is girn, girn and girn again. She has no interest in tackling the problems facing Scotland and indeed her constant call for a referendum despite the matter being decisively settled three years ago is itself adding to our economic woes. She leads a minority administration and because of her obsessive and delusional character she seems incapable of realising that she doesn’t speak for all of Scotland.
    With considerable reluctance I am having to accept that a vote for the Conservatives is the only viable option.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      I’ve sick to death of nats saying: “Scotland wants to leave the UK” … when the opinion polls clearly show that to be untrue.

      • Irish Scot says:

        Never be reluctant to challenge the Scottish Nonsense Party. Relish the opportunity to send SNP a clear message to up their game and respect the will of the nation.
        I notice SNP supporters are in no mood for the next G.E. Why? They know the game is up and they are likely to lose seats.

  4. Irish Scot says:

    The next G.E is a great opportunity for the Scots to send a clear message to Sturgeon that she must address her obsession about indyref2. While SNP are banging on about indyref2 potential businesses are being turned off from investing in Scotland’s future. SNP have far too much power in this country and look what is happening? SNP are ignoring the will of the people in regards to the union while our nation is slowly going down the sh!tter. The Scots would do well to use their votes to end the totalitarian dictatorship that is now taking shape in Scotland before it is too late.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Thanks Mini. Based on the previous I was estimating around 11 Tories. The next one suggested 16 with two lib Dems. There are reasons to believe that figure will go higher so I’ll be disappointed if there’s not 20 Tories returned from Scotland.
      However, I think this election may be very different – so if I were a betting man I would think about betting on SNP losing their majority in Scotland (with good enough odds).

  5. Mini SNP says:

    Democratically, it will better for Scotland if your prediction come true.

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