Happy #Brexitday

There can be few times in modern history where the political classes and most of the media were so united in a view that was so contrary to the popular will. In many countries that clash between the political “elite” and the people would have triggered revolution.
But in one of the oldest democracies in the world, by some measures we were democratic even before the conquest of the Norman elite, in Britain those losing the argument and not representing the popular will grumble but eventually give way.
Today at 12.30pm, the UK formally announces to the EU that we no longer wishes to be part of its “club”. That means we are inevitably leaving the EU and as such, the public debate moves on from the issue of whether or not Parliament should respect the will of the people and onto the more tricky issue of what is most important in the negotiations.
Two things are not up for negotiation:

  1. That we end the gross movement of people which has caused so many problems particularly to the poorest in society but also has put a massive inexcusable cost and strain on public services, housing, roads, schools, etc.
  2. That we will not tolerate any form of “penalty” for leaving. We were a net contributor to the EU, and if anything we will not see all the benefits of our massive over payments and so clearly if there is any money owed it is that the EU must refund us in some way.

However, the reality is that the EU empire is a dysfunctional and disharmonious, economically suicidal block led by unaccountable power crazed individuals. They spent seven years agreeing what, given the level of trade, was a very simple trade deal with Canada. Realistically we must expect to leave with no substantial deal … except perhaps on a few specific issues like foreign citizens where we might just achieve a quid pro quo agreement. However, even on such simple and apparently obvious issues … the EU will try to “punish us” for daring not to be part of their empire. And if standing up to the EU and not backing in to the bullies means we cannot come to any deal whatsoever, then that is a price worth paying for freedom.
Because the Modus operandi of the EU is simple: it acts to destroy the economy of those countries on its borders. That’s why the EU empire continues to grow – because small countries trapped on the edges of the EU have little chance to escape.
But we in Britain will not tolerate these bullies. We have always stood up to them, the EU Empire is not the first, and it will not be the last. We do not have the temperament to be bullied, and we are too big for them. And unlike those trapped on the edge of the EU empire, we are linked into international trade routes by air and sea so that we are a key hub in the rest of the world looking in on the EU.
So now the pen has made its mark (or should that be “Le Pen”?) … it is time to forget the arguments about whether or not we leave the EU and to unite to get the best deal from the EU for the people of Britain, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. that may take much longer than two years – but we must get the right deal for us – wait it out and never give in to the Empire’s demands for punitive treatment.
Then perhaps by our example, we will also encourage others who no longer wish to be bossed around by the EU empire to come and join us in liberty. For that is what the empire fears most.

Happy Brexitday


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5 Responses to Happy #Brexitday

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    I hope that in years to come we will all appreciate and celebrate Brexit day. I have no hope that the remoaners will stop digging in their heels and get behind the country. Perhaps one of the first laws we could bring back is treason?
    It all pivots on how self destructive the EU is determined to be. I suspect that their financial position will persuade them not to cut their own nose off, despite their desire to scare off anyone else. Laughably the Daily Politics with Andrew Neil said that they hadn’t appreciated what a huge chunk of the EU budget came from the UK and that we were one of the few net contributers. FFS!?

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      In a few years time, we’ll get as fed up with the BBC’s excitement over it as we do currently with red nose day etc.
      On the deal – the simple fact is the EU have no respect for us, they (think they) cannot lose face by behaving sensibly and so I’m convinced there will be no serious attempt at compromise.
      They will expect our politicians to cave in (much as they always have). What they will not expect is for our politicians to have a backbone – one put there by overwhelming public support.
      In contrast the EU will be completely divided with country at each other’s back – and they’ll already be trying to get each other to pay for the money we used to pay. By the time we get to Brexit – they’ll be so caught up in the political in-fights in the EU caused by our leaving that they’ll be incapable of deciding when or where to hold a meeting with UK let alone anything substantive.
      As Germany appears to have the most to lose – you’d think it would want to push for a deal – but it will also be expected to make up the bulk of the contribution we once paid (and the Eurocrats will never allow their salaries to be cut). So, Germany will be offered a “pay up what the UK used to pay – and you can have your trade deal with UK”. And obviously even German politicians aren’t that stupid.
      So, I cannot see any realistic way that we’ll get a trade deal. The only options are “take it or leave” it type of deal for what we have now (and May has already said she will leave that) or WTO rules. So, we are almost certainly going for a period with WTO rules.
      However, even within two years, we might no longer be considering the EU as a viable long-term block.
      So, all this talk of an “EU deal” may be meaningless by that time as the writing could already be on the wall.

      • TinyCO2 says:

        The problem is the banking system. For both sides. It’s a big part of our economy and a major investor in Europe. WTO doesn’t cover that. Scotland hopes that if we get no passporting rights, that they could snaffle the banks and rejoin the EU. Not going to happen any more than Paris could swipe them. They’d go to Germany if they had to go anywhere. Businesses are not going to relocate in high tax, high spend countries with socialist tendencies.
        Germany needs to think hard about propping up the EU. If they punish us, they’ll have no exit clause of their own.
        The irony is, that many of the Remoaners are all for crucifying the banks and taxing the hell out of big businesses, both of which would drive them away. As a separate country, the big businesses would have to pay tax here and the banks would have to be more circumspect (they can’t all leave).

        • Scottish-Sceptic says:

          When you say “Scotland wants” – what you really are talking about is an extremely small number of politicians – not just the SNP – but a small group within the SNP. The real truth is that most people in Scotland who voted for the EU, don’t give a damn about it. Instead it’s not something they’ve personally thought about – and if we hadn’t had the EU referendum weeks after another election, I think the pro-EU vote would have collapsed.
          Because I’ve never ever met anyone who actually likes the EU. Even the SNP only support the EU because that’s a way to be anti-English.
          So, my personal view, is that if Scotland ever did leave the UK, we’d talk about rejoining the EU – but it would not be a priority, there would be no great groundswell of popular support to join, no one would be willing to make any economic sacrifices to … and in any case, Scotland would be such a basketcase economy that we’d have far far more important things (or to be more exact – they – because I’m not staying around in a country with no future).

  2. The Badger says:

    There is one major problem with the UKs negotiations to leave the EU. Polticians are crap at negotiating. They always seem to end up in a position bad for both sides, where they have both backed themselves into a corner and cannot lose face and then bicker about it for decades afterwards. What we want is some hard nosed business people doing it. And give them no more than a couple of months to finish it.
    To be honest I am very disappointed in the PMs response to the stupid Gibraltar suggestion and the EU “forbidding” the UK from doing trade deals elsewhere in the world until after we leave. Utterly stoopid. PM should really have told them where to go on both issues, given them 14 days to change their mind or threatened WTO and tariffs. The EU manufacturing companies would have been screaming at the politcian at 100dB.

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