Parking Global Warming II

Back in April (Parking global warming), it was clear to me that this year was going to be pretty dull in terms of climate. Because on the one hand, we sceptics were could not so clearly point to the “no global warming in 18 years” until the El Nino warming was over. But conversely, it was clear to me as the El Nino peaked much earlier and much lower than predicted that the alarmists also would have nothing to crow about.
So, given that many in the US were working hard to prevent the Clinton Climate Clown getting into office and the priority of brexit, we’ve had a very slow year so far.
But one snippet just made me smile when I read that the growing evidence against global warming alarmism is finally having its effect on the arch alarmists like Silly Billy Con-alley.

A hectic week of rowing and two weeks in Norway has left a bit of a hole in my blogging schedule. I also think it is about time to recognise that my long drift away from active involvement with science**, combined with not-a-lot-going-on-really in actual climate science means I’ll need to find other things to write about.

**Given that silly billy has no science qualification, the idea he ever had anything to offer science is ridiculous!

The key here is the phrase “not-a-lot-going-on-really in actual climate science”, which can be translated as “the evidence [data-python] is now starting to overwhelm the green hype [constricting the hell out of alarmism]”. In other words, despite record temperatures in 2016 due to the El Nino – the alarmists like Silly Billy know that to convince anyone now, the temperatures had to have been much higher … and not only that … to have stayed higher. But now with the Satellite temperatures clearly having peaked earlier this year and with the impending recommencement of the “no warming for … 19 years”, I’m not surprised the green alarmists are disillusioned, demoralised and looking for some other green lawn to shit on.
And clearly if Trump gets in as the next US president, the global warming hype is dead.
But oddly, I think even if Clinton gets in, I just cannot see the alarmism continuing in the US. The reason for this is that Democratic Politicians just love green voters … because like a one night stand … they just have to whisper the right words to them and then they can get screwed for the night (vote for the politicians) … and then will gullibly wait happily for years left like dirty trash on the side walk without any real demands until they next needed. OF COURSE DEMOCRATS LOVE THEM!
So, I wouldn’t believe a word Clinton is saying about the environment. As far as I can see in private she’s no more green than Trump – and the only difference I can see is that Trump is openly hostile to greens whilst Clinton says one thing in public and laughs at them in private. And put it this way … who else can greens vote for? Clinton need do nothing more than be slightly more green than Trump and every gullible green will happily get skrewed by the Democrats … just to keep Trump out.
Likewise the UK government continues to grow ever more sceptical of climate alarmism. And once we leave the EU, the umbilical chord from the EU to UK green extremists is cut, I can’t see them being much of a political force and I’m sure the EU and UK will see very different energy futures.

The Global Warming epidemic is over

The best analogy I have is that of an epidemic disease. The first time a population encounters it, the epidemic spreads like wildfire. However, each time it recurs, the disease causes an increase in immunity. So that whilst the disease tends to recur time and time again, the speed and violence of the epidemic decreases. So, if we look back at the way the public react to “global warming” events, back in 2007, the reaction to even the smallest event was a cascade of news. But these days, the public just aren’t interested any longer even to stories like “the hottest year evah“.
The danger of global warming alarmism is largely over. Like flu, a new variant of this nasty disease may not re-appear in some virulent form,  but even the most severe forms of the “virus” now have far less effect and the public quickly tires of them. As for common garden alarmism: it is largely ignored.
So, obviously those like Silly Billy who gained their pleasure by riding these anti-science epidemics – now have to seek your thrills elsewhere. (Apparently having spent much of his life telling other people to cut down on fossil fuel use – he now spends a fortune on fossil fuels jetting off to Norway, Japan & other places for his thrills these days)

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7 Responses to Parking Global Warming II

  1. Duke Silver says:

    A much better analogy would be the comparison with politically concocted emergencies like the ill-fated bird flu. Despite the best efforts of our government to demand action, vaccines, quarantine, etc the epidemic just didn’t materialize.
    Same is the case with GW/CC/CD – no matter what you call it and no matter how loud you scream and demand action – it just isn’t happening. Leave your wallets in your pockets folks.

    • I’m sure if you look behind the scenes you’ll find that most of the publicity came either from the vaccine companies themselves and from politicians they drip fed information to, who saw the “emergency” as a way of looking “pro-active”.
      Likewise, if you look at the global warming scam – it is the wind companies, money grabbing academics and others like the eco-“charities” pushing government to fund them in some way who are almost entirely responsible for creating the scare.
      However, by far the most cynical participants are the media – who know it’s just a scam – but then cynically publish utter rubbish just because the public buy it – and so creating these scares and feeding them sells newspapers and airtime.

  2. Martin says:

    Haha,, I had to check to check the blog of wiki Billy, to be sure of who you talk about …

  3. Climate Otter says:

    It may be grinding to a halt, but I suspect the Stupidity that has been ingrained into the Millennial generation is going to be mucking things up for at least another decade- and they can do a LOT of damage, especially when they begin to get into positions of authority. Those currently pushing the hype, of course, will have long since pulled out with their bank accounts full up.

  4. Hey, you used to write magnificent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring?
    I miss your great writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out
    of track! come on!

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Thanks – but I spent a decade of my life working without pay and I did so only because there was a serious risk of a vicious spiral whereby as the global warming religion became more powerful, it used that power to further repress scientific discourse and further increase its own power
      I agree to some extent that occurred, as the global warming religion started tampering with the temperature data to create an “argument” to give it more power and further enhance its ability to tamper with the data. But fortunately, sufficient time passed without any discernable increase in severe weather so that we’re now at a stage where no matter what lies they put in their temperature graphs, they will not be believed by the majority of the public. The dangerous cocktail of a gullible public and politicians, the lies of a “no cost” policy, and not a single group will to stand up against the crazies … has now disappeared. I am not needed in this fight any longer.
      We’re now at a stage, where the public no longer need convincing about the stupidity of global warming claims. Instead the people who need their heads knocking together are the politicians and civil servants. And in that regard, the shear cost of their stupid schemes is starting to hit home. I could keep going on about the lack of science behind the global warming claim, but like the effect of reducing CO2 … my effect on the debate is now much less than the huge cost (~£300,000 that I estimate I have lost) and so (unless something major changes) I cannot justify me spending my time on the subject.

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