Academics set to fail their climate exams

Following the Volkwagon scandal whereby we found out that car makers cheated to get past their climate “exams”, I now read in the Guardian of all places that UK academics (like anders) who spend their time pontificating at the rest of us about how easy it is to reduce carbon use are now being total hypocrites in their own religion and failing to achieve anything like their own crazy targets. Or as those natural climate change science-deniers in the Guardian put it:

of 127 universities in England … the majority (76%) are due to miss the target of 43% reduction across the sector by 2020, as set by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce) in 2010. … the overall reduction is likely to be closer to just 12% by that date. Some 35 universities were found to have increased their carbon emissions since 2005.

What do the universities say?
‘Energy-intensive scientific research makes it hard to meet targets’
‘Sustainability is part of what we teach’
‘There’s an anomaly in the data somewhere’

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1 Response to Academics set to fail their climate exams

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    It would be nice to see the full table and put the ‘green’ unis into perspective. For those who have failed to reduce their emissions, will the Guardian be calling for disivestment?
    As far as those who don’t bang the green drum, emit what you like. The London School of Tropical Medicine have done stirling work this year on Ebola and get a pass anyway.

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