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I have a commeter named Cedric, who appears to see the whole world as one big conspiracy to conspire and keeps talking about Vax machines – which I don’t think is fair on the Vax machines as they were good in their day.
However, I thought if Cedric had the chance to put his thoughts down in one article he might be able to make more sense than he has hitherto. However, this is what he sent me:


Dear Mike,
                 My point is simple. You have fallen into a pattern of science denial and abandoned any genuine skeptical methodology.
It would be nice if the people who fall victim to this actually could identify if for themselves…but that’s not the way it works.
So to objectively identify it, you need to compare real-life examples.
The climate denial blogosphere is the identical twin of the anti-vaxxer blogosphere which is in turn identical to the creationist blogosphere and the 9/11 Troofer blogosphere and all the rest.
If you are doing what they are doing then…that’s a clear sign you need to stop.
Sometimes it’s much easier to see glaring flaws in methodology when others do it as opposed to your own camp.
Get out of your comfort zone.
You are not an HIV denier, I trust? You understand that they are doing the whole skeptical thinking wrong?
Good. So….you are not like them.
You have better standards. They are not in your league etc.
That attitude is important. Because if (IF!!) you really are not the same as those wackaloons over there, then….logically, there will be no similarities between the statements you make and the sources of information you use or reject.
Take your typical wackaloon. Where does your wackaloon go to for their science info? Are they going to go to some blog or are they going to go to the mainstream scientific communities?
Think about it. That’s just one comparison. There are many, many others.
So…if they are not going to use the mainstream scientific communities, how are the wackaloons going to rationialize that?
How does an anti-vaxxer (for example) justify not paying any attention to the CDC?
Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.
You just know vaccines are bad. BAD, BAD, BAD!  You are firm on that. Now someone likes me comes along and mentions the CDC….repeatedly. Mentions all the other medical science communities too.
How are you going to defend the indefensible?
You can’t just go “OH, the CDC? Ah, silly me. Didn’t realize they knew a lot about medicine and diseases and suchlike”
You’ve got to reject it….somehow…anyhow.
Imagine the possible retorts you could come up with.
Seriously, think about it. What prime examples can you come up with? There’s lots to choose from.
Now switch the scenarios with say, a creationist.
Same deal as before.
How does the creationist rationalize all those scientific communities and the work the scientific consensus represents?
Well, he can just copy and paste the same retorts from the anti-vaxxer guy from before.
Job done.
Now do it for an HIV denier.
It will work.
How about a 9/11 Troofer? It will work.
How about a die-hard smoker who doesn’t believe all that liberal namby-pamby nonsense about lung cancer?
Yep, it will work.
Now take a random survey from your own blogosphere community.
It.  Will.  Work.
That should horrify you. That’s not ok.
Do as much research into science denial as you like. There are a variety of solid resources out there. They identify the patterns very clearly and cover all the commonalities. See if you agree with their analysis.
Let me leave you with some links to get you started.  Compare them to each other. When you’ve done that, feel free to do a quick google and see if other groups..do exactly the same thing.  They’re not doing science. That’s not science at all.
First, you should know about Project Steve.
http: //rationalwiki.org/wiki/Project_Steve
Now for the comparisons:
List of Scientists Rejecting Evolution- Do they really?
https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty1Bo6GmPqM
32000 Scientists
https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py2XVILHUjQ
Please let me know what you think.
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