After a few weeks away

I was catching up on a few articles and this one really does resonate with my own views:

Claim: Graduates shunning climate studies

from Economic Times of India article:

Why not enough people are working on climate change in India

The claim was that not enough good mathematicians and physicists were going into climate “science” – however who would want to go into a subject that actively shuns real science?
Because what really struck me from what I saw of Ringberg was just how incompetent the those people working in the area seem to be and just how religiously sure they are of their own views despite their manifest incompetence. And just to drive home the point I will show the graph that says everything anyone needs to know about this subject:
GrotesqueAnd this is the only actual evidence from which someone was able to say “I am very very confident that the feedbacks will give more than 2C” (I paraphrase). They did of course have their models – models that completely fail to predict what the climate actually does … but because of their 97% “consensus”, they don’t need evidence, science, physics, maths.

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