The truth about sceptics – we're paid by Farpol Oil

I was about to leave the office when I get called in: “Mike just a quick word please …” usually that means I’ve f*cked up … “but not this timeĀ  thanks for all the work, but we’re moving on to new work and we don’t need you any longer”.
F*ck that came out the blue!
So, here I am in the toilet leaving them one last present. After all this time working for Farpol Oil this is how the pricks pay me back! F&$@!!! Call me in at the end of the day and tell me to f*ck off home – I’ll show them!
They forgot my laptop has WiFi. Now only I have access to the server!! I’ve changed all the passwords and whilst I’m having this last dump this is a quick note to tell you the truth about Farpol Oil:

The truth about us sceptics.

We’re all paid!

Yes it’s just one big con!

Farpol Oil is and always has been the secret lobby organisation behind all us so called “sceptics” (what is it with these English and their spelling!). Like all skeptics I’m a fraud and I only write this crap because I’m paid.
So, goodbye, cheerio and thanks for all the fish.
(This message will no doubt self a few hours but don’t believe it).
And … one last think – they are stingy! And their coffee tastes like shi

Addendum: Obviously this is an April fool. But the next article is no joke:

The silent holocaust of
1million climate victims in the UK

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