Kruz and Inhofe sound the death knell for global warming alarmism


Inhofe about to throw the Snowball across the Senate.

When I said: “Inhofe: finally the big guns are firing” December last year, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he hit home.
Now the US Senate has passed a bill blocking a carbon tax by what looks to me like a massive 58 to 42 majority with four democrat senators crossing the floor to join republicans. When even Democrats see the writing on the wall, we know its over!
This shows how much impact Inhofe has had as the Chair of the environment committee. Now Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate (and a good one from what I’ve seen) has come out guns blazing strongly for Inhofe’s position. Whether Cruz was first & Obama responded, or Obama started and Cruz attacked, Obama was crazy enough to start a political witch hunt against decent academics who happen to be sceptics. It has misfired!
Ted Cruz Senator for Texas

Ted Cruz Senator for Texas

Obama was stupid enough to push an issue he cannot win, Cruz then sprung the trap on him, pushing climate right up the political ladder. The ill-advised Obama is now floundering like a fish out of water on a subject where he is clueless.
In contrast Cruz who’s must some of the most shrewd political advisers around and is also a very capable candidate has come in almost from nowhere to win the debate.

You’ve got to admire this Senator from Texas!

But this is by no means the end for Obama. Senator Inhofe is planning to hold hearings into those compiling the temperature records. Obama may be licking his wounds but there’s more to come! Since before Climategate I’ve believed there was scientific misconduct amongst those compiling the global temperature but it’s been hard to prove even though Tony Heller’s done an excellent job. But being scientific, the temperature itself, will not be the focus of these hearings. Instead all Inhofe need do is to expose the sleaze and incompetence of those compiling the temperature records and let the public see how slippery these characters are. They cannot come out of any hearing with Inhofe looking good.

The new role of the press

Obama’s climate advisor

It’s my guess Obama saw this investigation coming and too late he worked out how much it would damage him. His only way out was to try pre-emptive attacks against the academics who were the “witnesses for the prosecution”  to try to undermine their credibility.
That’s why the Obama camp have been running a massive campaign trying to pin the label of “denier” sceptic scientists, Inhofe and now Cruz. But not only has that campaign failed, it backfired. He got no dirt whatsover to throw at the academics.
Now the “witch hunter” is being hunted and having to defend his alarmism at a time when even the Climate academics are having to admit that no temperature record shows even the lowest predicted warming of the IPCC.
Obama has made a noose for himself, put his neck in it and given Cruz and Inhofe the opportunity to pull the lever and let Obama drop. Obama’s only way out was this desperate attack on sceptics as “deniers”, he failed.

Instead it is now the alarmists on the back foot as this Senate vote shows.

My guess, is that the alarmist academics who have been the blue eyed boy of people like Obama will have thought they were immune from scrutiny. So they will have been far too cocky and there will undoubtedly be plenty of dirt to be found by Inhofe and Cruz. In contrast we sceptics have always been under attack and if there was any dirt to be found it would have been found by now.
Now, it’s not us sceptics who will be on the defensive. Instead it is the alarmists. And unless the temperature were to suddenly rise – which I think is unlikely – this global warming scam is over.

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3 Responses to Kruz and Inhofe sound the death knell for global warming alarmism

  1. Colin Fisher says:

    Yes good news for the USA, but I fear the global warming scam still has legs here in the UK. Our politicians are not looking at the US, and anyway buy into EU CO2 targets which against all reason they seem to believe will do some good. We will probably have to wait for Germany to prove, as if further proof was needed, that it’s a disaster for an advanced economy to rely on expensive intermittent generating plant and a tax and subsidy regime that artificially inflate its energy costs.

  2. Chic Bowdrie says:

    If you’re a yank, send an encouraging word to your Republican senator(s) and tell your Democratic Senator(s) to get some help with climate science. is the best.

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