Just Mental: Carrot will lose Taste due to Climate Change

“Australian scientists fear climate change will also have great impact on consumers similar to problems faced by farm lands. They believe carrots will lose its taste and steaks will be of poor quality.” (The market Business)

It’s while since of used the category “Goat Toads”. Referring to any ridiculous article based on a bit of poor quality research and coming up with “Global warming could … ” followed by pure political inspired drivel, so it’s fun to see the resurgence of this comic article.
The original “Goat toad” is a fictional species who full name is The “lesser common spotted goat toad” – for which I created the fiction narrative that a survey had found a decrease in numbers. This was then written up as the “lesser common spotted goat toad on verge of extinction due to man-made human warming” – a fair summary of all these goats toads.
But from the title of this piece, it now seems that the media have spotted the comedy angle of these goat toads. And unless it it obvious. If a degree difference in climate made any difference, then carrots would only come from a very narrow range of latitudes where this supposedly “ideal” temperature exists. We would also have an appreciable difference in flavour due to year-to-year variations. No one notices this – instead anyone at a supermarket just buys the cheapest carrots.

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