Fuel Poverty kills Scots

Just back from the Scottish parliament which I attending with Lord Monckton where we attended something called SPREEE. Here we heard three of their advisers starting with WWF.
I repeat: starting with WWF! What on earth are they doing advising the Scottish parliament? Not on how to bread pandas or haggis, but on energy policy! And what were these advisers saying? They were insisting that climate would warm 6C (as a result of Monckton’s questions) and not one of them cared at all about the effects on the hard pressed consumer as not one mentioned the cost to people in Scotland or the harm being done until I got the last question in.
And to cap it all, it was snowing – so I got in the mention about “children won’t know what snow is”.
I couldn’t believe it when the answer came back “it’s cheaper than it would have been if we hadn’t done anything”. Putting up fuel bills by the renewable stealth tax in a country with massive fuel poverty is “cheaper”.
And then I happened to be on the same train as someone else who had gone to the Scottish parliament. They worked for a charity called Energy Action Scotland who deal with fuel poverty.
Apparently 900,000 Scots are in fuel poverty. That’s an utter disgrace. In a country with oil and coal, 900,000 cannot afford to adequately heat their homes.
And what is the Scottish parliament doing on this wintry day? Taling about the real problems facing Scots or the delusional beliefs of the greenblob? They were pandering to the greenblob without a care for the thing that directly impact Scots and kills many of them.

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