uClimate Problems now hopefully resolved.

If you’ve been seeing thousands of Bishop Hill articles appearing here – no there hasn’t been a sudden rush of activity but a small error in a single line of code.It started with an email saying “we’re not on your list”. Initially I assumed this was a list of links and couldn’t find anything wrong.
Eventually it turned out that a small change meant uClimate.com wasn’t reading bishop hill. It actually took several hours to work out how to get around the problem – but eventually it worked and it was scanning new articles on Bishop Hill.
Except it was working a bit too well for Bishop Hill. For now as uClimate went round each site, it was not checking that site – but rescanning Bishop Hill. So within about an hour, Bishop Hill had about a thousand entries for each articles one for each site!
Hopefully it should be working again.

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2 Responses to uClimate Problems now hopefully resolved.

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    I thought it was an homage to the Bish.

  2. scottishsceptic says:

    Automation is great when it is doing what you want but hellish when it isn’t. If I remember correctly there were some 2000 “bishop hill” articles published in just over an hour.

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